Money doesn’t always buy happiness

With Valentine’s Day following only a month and half after Christmas, it is another holiday that secretly convinces citizens to spend as much money as they can. Fresh off of the gift-giving season, each year the demands to prove love through cash increases. What was once just the opportunity to get someone roses is now overpowered by expensive dinners, pricey jewels and the rare vacation.

We as college students do no have the money to go above and beyond to spend money on special holidays, yet we feel the most pressured since we are glued to our phones. Simply scrolling through anyone’s social media feed will show picturesque dates and over-the-top gestures of love. In turn, these pressures make us work harder than ever to earn money for the momentary satisfaction of seeing our partner’s face light up with delight.

Despite the fact that jewelry will tarnish, chocolates will be consumed and flowers will wilt, it is what our bank accounts allow. We as students are not saying these are poor purchases; they just will not last forever. These, in fact, are some of the most convenient purchases we college students can make since they are in our budgets. We should not dismiss the budgets we have in order to make our partners happy. 

What truly makes meaningful memories is spending time with one another. These do not have to be elaborate vacations as previously mentioned. The simplest activities such as an at-home movie night, making dinner or taking a hike to watch the sun set can still be romantic without breaking the bank. All it takes is undivided attention and some creativity to make a night that’s worth remembering. 

Ultimately, comparison is the worst enemy. When it may feel that photos on your timeline get to be too much and you feel your efforts are going, ignore those thoughts and shut them out by turning off your cell phone. Focus on spending time with the one you love and what makes you happy in your relationship. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, put the idea of money on the back burner. How much you spend does not make up for how much you care and appreciate your partner. 

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