Super Bowl LVII: Debriefing

The NFL season concluded Sunday with Super Bowl LVII ending in an XXXVIII-XXXV win for the Kansas City Chiefs. See, how useless are roman numerals? Why do we still use them? Can we stop? The 38-35 win for the Chiefs gives them their second Super Bowl in four years, and Patrick Mahomes is well on his way to becoming the NFL’s next G.O.A.T. The Philadelphia Eagles, while playing an amazing game, did not stand a chance, and let me explain why.

Mahomes did have a lot of help, most notably, linebacker Nick Bolton returning a Jalen Hurts fumble 36 yards for a touchdown, and Kadarius Toney having the longest punt return in Super Bowl History, when he took it 65 yards down to the Eagles’ five yard-line. 

If you did not watch the Super Bowl, first, I will ask you: what were you doing instead? And second, I am sorry, because this year’s game was incredible. Being someone who watched the 13-3 abomination that was Patriots vs. Rams in 2019, having such a high-scoring game with a lot of offense was all I wanted. 

However, I did not think that the Eagles’ elite defense would allow that to happen. The Chiefs’ offensive line is very good, but if you told me that they were not going to allow a sack in the Super Bowl, I would have laughed in your face. But that is just what they did. The Chiefs’ offensive line DOMINATED the Super Bowl, keeping their banged up quarterback safe and allowing him to pick apart the Eagles secondary as needed. 

The biggest thing that made this Chiefs victory possible was the fact that this game became a shootout. As my great colleague Luke Jackson once said, “Don’t be surprised when the Eagles only allow one score once again.” Well, my friend, I am APPALLED. The Eagles’ defense allowed their second-highest point total of the year when it mattered the most, and it killed them. Darius was slain, and their defensive line crumbled along with their hopes of raising the Lombardi trophy. 

Before I get to the Super Bowl MVP, I need to at least mention Isiah Pacheco. He led both teams in rushing, with 76 yards, and even added a touchdown in the third quarter. Aside from Pacheco, Travis Kelce made his presence felt too, catching six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown, and winning the Kelce Bowl. Juju Smith-Schuster also decided to contribute to the group project, and actually earned his A on Sunday, which I know makes some of you mad.

Ah, Patrick Mahomes. Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. If you look at his stats, you might be thinking only 182 yards? But Mahomes stayed clean, did not throw an interception, had 44 rushing yards and threw three touchdowns. At the end of the day, the Super Bowl MVP is still a Most Valuable Player award, and there is no arguing that the Chiefs could have gotten to this point without Mahomes. Oh yeah, he is also the first player to win Super Bowl MVP and MVP in the same season since Kurt Warner in 1999. While Tom Brady grabs his nuts on Instagram, Mahomes is grabbing another two trophies to rival Brady’s collection. 

Despite losing the Super Bowl, the Eagles do have some positive things to take away from the game. Jalen Hurts is the guy. I, along with a lot of people, doubted his ability to show up when the lights shined the brightest, but he did. Tying Terrell Davis’ record for rushing touchdowns in a Super Bowl while also throwing for over 300 yards is no easy task. This loss is not on his shoulders. Devonta Smith also shined, being the only player to reach the century mark in receiving yards. They have a great duo at WR with him and A.J. Brown for years to come. However, Miles Sanders sucks. 

There are so many things that could have changed the outcome of this game, but for me, it came down to two plays. The first being Toney’s 65-yard return, which gave the Chiefs an incredibly short field, and unfortunately, a holding penalty called on Eagles’ cornerback James Bradberry IV with 1:54 remaining in the fourth quarter that allowed the Chiefs to drain the clock and kick the game-winning field goal. It is such a shame that a game like this came down to the decisions of people not even playing in the game, but such is life. 

In the wise words of my brother, “The only way the Chiefs are winning is if they have the refs on their side, which they will.” Well, I’m sorry Brenny, but they still get credit for the win. Skol.

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