Will Kirk Cousins receive a contract extension?

Kirk Cousins is one of the most polarizing players in NFL history, but not the type of polarizing player like Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham. Kirk Cousins is hated by people, and for what reason? Because he is easy to pick on. Think of your cousin, HAHAHAHA see what I did there, who is five years younger than you and will never have the strength to overpower you. That is Kirk. He is constantly picked on but will never fire back because he is too nice and the ultimate male.

Hayden: In a season full of Kirk Cousins hating, one woman has risen out of the ashes to be Kirk Cousins’ biggest fan. Her name is Ali Reed. Reed is an under qualified sports editor for the Reporter at Minnesota State and she constantly raves about how much she loves the Vikings’ Quarterback. After the Vikings vs. Cardinals game where Kirk Cousins scored a rushing touchdown, Reed nearly burned down her apartment complex because she was trying to cook Cousins soup and mail it to him. She thinks that Kirk Cousins will get a contract extension, and deserves that pay day. (SHE WANTS HIM TO SEND HER MONEY.) 

Ali: Hayden Lee, an under qualified sports writer for the Reporter, has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to my thoughts on Kirk Cousins. Well, he’s not that far off, but I’ve definitely never tried to send him soup. Do I have an insane amount of love for Cousins? Absolutely. However, Lee has failed (as he often does) to explain why Cousins deserves that love.

Imagine hating a quarterback that has crazy good stats and helps his wide receivers like Justin Jefferson put up record breaking numbers in receiving yards. No, we haven’t made it to the Super Bowl under Cousins’ leadership, but last time I checked, only two starting quarterbacks make it to the Super Bowl each year, yet the other 29 who don’t make it never see the same amount of hate.

Will Kirk receive an extension? And how much money does he deserve?

Ali: Cousins is definitely getting that contract extension. Ever since Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell have arrived at the Vikings’ doorstep, something exciting has been in the air. The biggest part of that is their relationship with Cousins, which is quite the improvement from the Cousins-Zimmer era. I mean, who knew a coach was supposed to watch film with his starting quarterback?

Adofo-Mensah and O’Connell believe in Cousins and that is exactly what was missing from his years prior with the Vikings. Cousins now has the confidence and the attitude that led to a 13-4 regular season, which included him matching the single season fourth quarter comeback record, at eight. Also, who comes back from a 33-0, third-quarter deficit? Kirko and the Vikings. That’s literally it.

However, money is a concern when it comes to Cousins. The man likes to sign short-term contracts to maximize his market value. Who can blame him? But, I believe that he is a good enough leader to realize that an extension or a simple restructure of his contract could lessen his cap hit for 2023, which is currently at $36.25 million. 

With the way the team is gelling right now and with the fire lit under the great Kirko-Chainz’s ass, there’s no doubt that keeping him in purple and gold is a good option for the Vikings.

Hayden: Looking at the already cap-strapped Vikings, they are in desperate need for money as is. There are up and coming players like Christian Darrisaw and Justin Jefferson who have not been paid yet and deserve the bag. Do you really think they are going to pay a guy who is a better singer than Quarterback? I don’t think so. Darrisaw would eat Cousins if he cost him even a million dollars off of his contract. Also, Cousins has done nothing to separate himself from someone like Jimmy Garoppolo or Dak Prescott when it comes to winning, and we have seen both the 49ers and Cowboys do terrible every year.

If they were to re-sign Cousins, who can’t even wrestle a horse, he should not be paid more than 25 million dollars per year in order to keep the current Vikings roster together. He may deserve more than that based on stats, but there is a reason why stats are not the end all be all. Cousins is a great leader, and if he wants to win over fans and analysts, taking a pay cut is the right thing to do. I mean, Cousins is the sixth highest earning NFL player of ALL TIME. I think he can afford to take the Brady route. 

Kirk Cousins is like NAV. A non-essential piece to the game we are playing. I think if the Vikings were to draft Max Duggan, he would do just as well and has the potential to throw for 50 touchdowns and two interceptions. I’ve seen it happen, Michael Hackler literally drafted Duggan to the Vikings in Madden 23 and won the Super Bowl so I don’t think I need to say more. DRAFT DUGGAN.

Ugh, now that that’s over, I love Kirk Cousins and I would love to see him in purple for the rest of his career, but there are plenty of reasons for him to leave after this season. When you watch the Vikings this season, don’t think of anyone except Kirk Cousins. He deserves all of your attention before you go back to hating him on social media again when he’s on another team. 

The sad reality is that this decision is not up to me and Ali, as much as we would like it to be. It is out of our control as fans in general, and we will just have to hope that Kwesi and Kirk can figure something out. If not, I think I speak for both of us when I say that we will be the saddest Vikings fans in existence. Skol.

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Header Photo: We all love to see Kirk in purple, but how much longer will we get the pleasure? (Hayden Lee)

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