The benefits of spring cleaning

Now that spring is officially here, a lot of people are planning the yearly act of spring cleaning. Some people start in the middle of winter as preparation, while others wait until it’s warm enough to not wear a winter coat. While most students think that it’s just another weekend of cleaning and chores that would actually make them sit down and do their homework, spring cleaning is something we as students should participate in. 

As previously mentioned, spring cleaning follows a cold and cooped-up winter. The act of spring cleaning can be a chance to seek out a “new year.” The act of freshening up our rooms, cleaning our dorms or apartments and going forward into the rest of the semester with less stress can be seen as a way to forget the troubles winter brought us. It’s better to get spring cleaning done sooner or later because once the weather becomes warmer, the last thing we students want to do is stay inside after spending months indoors from the cold and wind. 

Spring cleaning, while maybe not the most fun way to spend a weekend afternoon, can be beneficial for our mental health. It lets us students reduce our stress by letting us focus on what we deem necessary to clean and what parts of our life we need to spruce up. We as students can pick what we want to clean out and what we want to keep. Once our living areas are given a deep, thorough cleaning, it allows us students to have a relaxed mindset knowing that we checked several chores off our list. Another benefit is knowing that once the deep spring cleaning is done, it creates more free time for us to do what we want. 

Besides the typical dusting and sweeping that may take place, the most common form of spring cleaning is decluttering. While airing out the windows, we students should take the opportunity to air out our closets, shelves and drawers. Getting rid of any clothes, possessions or old schoolwork (do you really need all of the written notes from last academic year?) can be helpful in releasing the tension of feeling cramped and freeing up space.

It’s important for us students to focus on making sure that we aren’t overwhelmed with plenty of clutter and the best way to take care of those issues is to utilize spring cleaning to it’s fullest. With all the benefits spring cleaning offers, we as students have no excuse to not dedicate a small portion of our time to finishing off the year with a clean and clear mindset. 

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