Letter to the Editor: candidacy announcement

Hello Mavericks! 

Our names are Sierra Roiger and David Mesta and we are so excited to announce our running for Student Government President and Vice President, respectively. We want to take this opportunity to share a few things about why you should vote for our party, Mavericks United, when election day comes on April 10th. 

As students, we deserve to feel like we are being heard by not only our fellow students, but by administration, professors, and all faculty. A big piece of this would be the development of the Leadership Council. We know this has been talked about in the past but we are dedicated to ensuring it is moved past the talking stage and is accomplished to support all leaders across the campus and beyond. 

Another piece of our platform is the upgrading and moving of the reflection space next to the Women’s Center on the second floor of the CSU. It is a small area with about four couches and is completely open, except for a single shade to separate the space from the hallway. And, although there are tours near this space, it should be noted that it is not their fault for the placement of the space. It is important that we work as a group and as a team to bring this change to life. Our students deserve the ability to practice any spirituality and religion they choose in a safe, quiet, welcoming space. The shade that has separated the space from the hallway has been faded and needing an update for a while now and we will make sure that it is completed. This large project is something that, should you elect us, we would be sure to get accomplished as we stand with the students who utilize spaces like these. 

A third portion of our platform is dedicated to making sure there is transparency given to students when it comes to decision making. On this campus, you often don’t know about the things that are decided and how they affect you until after everything is said and done. Next year, we want to make sure that you are aware of the things that are being discussed and worked on as it is being done. You deserve to know what your campus is doing and how it impacts you. 

What we have shared here is not even HALF of what we plan to work on should we be elected next year. We have student wage increases, improving bussing efficiency, basic needs support, mental health support, menstrual equity across campus, and more. We have a long list of ways we want to make sure the #MavFam is supported. 

As individuals, we have accomplished many things within our own roles across campus this past year and we want to take that same energy into next year and bring the students a student government that has the time, passion, and experience in bringing change to this campus. 

We are also excited to be working with so many senators and non-senators right now to make sure that the things we run on are what our students want and are not just things we want to change as we would be here for you, the students. We hope you will support us as we campaign these next couple of weeks and hope to hear from you. Roll Mavs!

Sierra and David

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