Maverick Writers Club spells out success

Here at Minnesota State University, Mankato, there are a lot of clubs that aren’t as familiar with students as others are. The Maverick Writers club is one of them.

With many different students who hope to advance their careers with some sort of writing, I had the pleasure to sit down with senior Nicole Payne, and junior Isaiah Flolo who both have very incredible writing skills. 

Junior, Isaiah Flolo is running for vice president next year. Hoping to get enough votes, Flolo says, “ever since elementary school, I started writing and people enjoyed it. It wasn’t just my parents encouraging me, it was many of my peers too. As I kept discovering myself I knew that I wanted to become an author when I grow up. Being in college has allowed me to dive deeper into my dream”. 

“Being in the Maverick Writers club has challenged me to be a better writer. In our meetings we are always trying to improve each other’s pieces, it’s such a competitive environment and we all thrive within it,” said Flolo.

Transitioning to Nicole Payne, she’s a senior that has been a part of the Maverick Writers for a long time. When asked what her favorite aspect of the club was, she said overwhelmingly, “my favorite aspect of the club is for sure the environment, they’re my people, we have so much in common. It’s amazing because we keep each other connected in the Minnesota State Mankato community”, stated Payne. 

Payne then stated that writing is her getaway. “It’s really important to me. It’s such a good way to express my fun and creative thoughts or even my personal thoughts. I think I am a very creative, fun and abstract writer, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do the things that I love at Minnesota State. It’s just a perfect way to get things off of your chest and inspire others while doing it,” Payne said. “Right now, I’m really enjoying poetry. It’s something I’ve picked up in the last year or so.”

Payne then expressed, “I do a lot of slam poetry, it’s a lot of rhymes and such. A lot of things I talk about are factors and the culture of the LGBT community. I also discuss my experience being a part of that community. I use my platforms to reach out to whoever wants to hear it”.

Flolo and Payne wanted to leave the viewers with one announcement: If you’re interested in an undergrad where you publish your written works, reach out to the club. Check out the club’s posters and contact them at the riverwhalellmagazine@gmail.com. 

Be sure to have your requirements met by March 31st. 

Header Photo: The Maverick Writers Club is not just open to Minnesota State students majoring in English or Creative Writing. The club is open to all writing fanatics, regardless of major! (Photo Courtesy of Maverick Writers Club)

Write to Jade Jackson at jadelyn.jackson@mnsu.edu

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