Why you should say ‘no’ more

Generation Z. The generation that comes after Millennials born between 1997 and 2012 according to Pew Research Center. This generation is discussed to be one of the most empathetic generations thus far. Meaning they struggle with telling others no, even if what they are agreeing to, does not benefit them.

Stemming from a multitude of reasons, many could imagine that the repercussions of saying no to someone or something can result in the fear of being selfish.

If you have trouble speaking up about your food order being wrong, feeling bad for not buying something at a locally owned store or apologizing way too often, then this may be directed toward you. 

Many can say that this stigma stems from social anxiety. However, we as students shouldn’t feel bad for saying no to situations that either don’t line up with our values or cause us mental stress. We as students should speak up if a situation is not what we intended and also stop the passiveness that seems to run in Minnesota natives’ blood.  

Sometimes people are willing to let their values be trampled on because of their fear of seeming selfish or rude. However, expressing your thoughts or how you feel isn’t rude when done correctly. Saying no to hanging out with some friends isn’t selfish. Taking time for yourself is a necessity and should be normalized.

Oftentimes we get caught up in the narrative that we as students have to be accomplishing a million things at once. In reality, doing one thing really well is better than doing a million things with minimal effort and execution.

We as Generation Z also tend to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when we say no. Compared to our parents, it seems like when we have to tell someone no we feel more empathetic toward the other party than previous generations like our parents. 

When you are unable or feel uncomfortable saying no, this opens up a door for people to take advantage of or walk all over you. Usually, this ends up being a situation where you now have too many things on your plate without the tasks you were given really adding any value to your life or goals.

It is important that you feel confident that you can say no. Saying no can be empowering while also setting boundaries with others in order to have a healthy relationship. As students, where most of us are Generation Z, need to understand that not saying yes to everything is okay. 

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