Start your summer right through the CDC’s help

With a little less than a month left of school, several students are scrambling to find summer internships and jobs. The Career Development Center (CDC) is here to help. 

The CDC works with students to help them find on- and off-campus jobs, internships and employment post-graduation. It offers a variety of resources such as a job search handbook, resume and cover letter assistance and career assessments. 

CDC Director Pamela Weller said students should start looking for internships as soon as possible.

“Waiting until the last couple of weeks before classes end often means a desperate job seeker who accepts the first thing that comes along,” Weller said. “Apply early and be patient and positive.”

With employers browsing through several applications, Weller said it’s important to make resumes stand out.

“Customize your resume with specific qualifications the employer is looking for by using keywords and phrases. Also, lead with your education as it’s the biggest selling point,” Weller said. 

Weller encourages students to keep resumes to one page, doublecheck for errors and use a PDF when submitting to employees. 

Sophomore Eddison Saywon heard about the CDC from presentations, career fairs and emails. He turned to the CDC to help him find a summer internship by utilizing the resources they offered. 

“I had a resume that needed to be reviewed and updated and I needed to have a cover letter. I also had to research employers interested in hiring an intern from construction management,” Saywon said. 

The hard work paid off as Saywon obtained a summer internship at Braun Intertec Corporation. Saywon said he’s looking forward to his internship as it will give him hands-on experience as a construction management major. 

“I’m going to be able to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-world situations and I’ll have the chance to meet and work with people in the field,” Saywon said. 

Saywon said he gives credit to Muhammad Asghar Raja, his career advisor for helping him obtain his internship.

“I wasn’t prepared to apply to any company because I thought I wasn’t ready and I didn’t know what resources were available until I met Muhammad,” Saywon said. “His insights helped me stand out among other applicants.” 

Weller said students should seize summer internships in order to get practical work experience, network and shop for potential job opportunities. 

“With internships, you get to apply classroom learning while gaining hands-on experience in your chosen field,” Weller said. “Internships help you make decisions about your future.”

Saywon said students should utilize the CDC for the advice they give to students.

“They will not just identify the opportunities, but they will prepare you to stand out among other applicants and capture the attention of employers,” Saywon said. 

Weller added alumni often wish they had utilized the office more during their time at Minnesota State. 

“With the support of the CDC, your search for a job or internship can be more efficient, effective and less overwhelming. We can help you grab your future by the horns,” Weller said. 

For students looking to learn more, they can stop by Wigley Administration room 209.

Header photo: The Career Development Center offers a variety of resources to help students stand out when it comes to applying for internships and summer jobs. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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