Campus show is anything but a drag

Early March, an anti-drag bill that prohibits drag performances in public or in the presence of children was passed in Tennessee, inspiring many other state legislatures to pose similar threats. 

Despite the uproar, the Mankato State LGBTQ+ center stands strong by carrying on with their tradition of the Spring Drag show Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. in the Ostrander Auditorium. 

“Drag has always been a way for, you know, especially people within the LGBTQ+ community, to express themselves in many types of forms. That’s what drag is, many forms of a fabulous entertainment of fabric art,” said Stephen Thomas, interim director of the LGBT center. 

The drag show was the first at the university to feature an entire cast of black, indigenous, and people of color, or BIPOC individuals. Eight performers took the stage, including three first-timers, who are students at MSU. 

The drag performers included Megan The ManEater, Andre 1000, Lala Luzious, DeCrème, Princess Blue Rose, and student performers Venom Valentine, Marvin McSparkles, and Wolf Wheels

Starting off the show with a bang was Lala Luzious, a Twin Cities drag performer, who dazzled in their glittery, blue jumpsuit. During the second round, Lala displayed a rainbow gown while Lipsyncing Adele’s, “Hello.” 

Andre 1000 embodied OutKast and Lil Nas X in his versions of “Hey Ya,” and “Industry Baby.” 

Showstopper, Megan The Maneater Carter sprinkled herself in dollar bills while displaying a flexible performance that left the crowd anything but speechless.

“She was super fun to watch, had high energy, and anyone who can do flips and jumps into splits is automatically impressive to me, but doing it in heels took it to a different level,” said Madeline Casper, student at MSU. 

DeCrème kept the audience on their feet with one Beyoncè themed performance and a Lizzo classic to end the evening.

Student performers Venom Valentine, Marvin McSparkles, and Wolf Wheels gave their first performances their all, with support from their friends and families in the audience. 

Thomas’s drag persona, Princess Blue Rose has been taking over the stage for seven years, which was proven after debuting Nicki Minaj’s, “Anaconda.” 

“I just love every time I perform. Going out there and just hearing those peoples’ screams and audience claps–it’s just so amazing. We can all share this one moment together, and it’s very precious to me,” Blue Rose said. “One thing I always say in regards to drag shows, you can always leave your worries at the door because once you enter and the music starts going, it’s a party from there until it ends.” 

The LGBT Center hopes to keep the tradition alive for years to come. For now, the main event to look forward to is their lavender graduation ceremony April 28.

Header Photo: Megan The Maneater Carter, pictured above, was just one of the several lively drag performers entertaining the masses at the campus drag show. (Lilly Anderson / The Reporter)

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