A Latinx Fiesta fit for all

Latinx Night celebrated Latin American culture with Latin American food, music and language.

Students packed the ballroom Thursday to share their cultural traditions.

“Latinx Night is a yearly celebration at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU). The inspiration this year was Fiesta del Pueblo, which means party in the town,” said Fabiola Diaz, the director of Latinx Affairs.

Although Diaz said planning the event had its ups and downs, Latinx Night was completely booked. Every table was filled with people and students celebrating the Latinx community.

“The event planification had its ups and downs; however, the outcome was outstanding. We had a full ballroom and the most appreciative time was seeing staff, students and community members coming together having a great time,” Diaz said.

Nights like these are becoming increasingly important because MSU’s diversity is growing.

“Representation is important as well as continuing sharing and learning with the students and staff Latin American cultural traditions. Also, it is a great way for students to enjoy their cultural traditions, food, and music,” said Diaz.

Latinx Night featured seven talented groups representing the culture and history of Latin America.

“This year, the Mariachi Guachinango and México Lindo represented Mexico, Ecuador Manta represented South América (Colombia, Bolivia and Perú). Maverick Latin Dance group danced Bachata and Salsa, bringing the flavors from Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico,” Diaz said.

Besides featuring some talented musicians and dancers, Latinx Night had two student speakers. Fabio Castel Garcia and David Mesta talked about their experiences with being Latinx and attending MSU.

Garcia talked about discovering his Latinx identity,  the disconnection he faced growing up and immigrating, and the steps he has taken to find who he is.

Mesta talked about his time as a first-generation Mexican American college student and his work to support and empower students to get involved to succeed in college.

Diaz said it was essential to have these speakers because “They represented the Brazilian history and culture as well as the Latino student leadership at MSU.”

Many of the students in attendance were in awe of the performances and culture they found themselves surrounded in.

Emily Knier said, “I really enjoyed the food, and the music was such a vibe.”

Anna Claire Nelson said, “It was a fun night. My favorite part was definitely getting to see the culture recognized and seeing everyone enjoying the different aspects of the Latinx Community.”

“This event portrays just a taste of Latin American culture and its beautiful language, Spanish,” Diaz said. “Nevertheless, the purpose was and continues to be that all students come together as a MSU community, sharing history, music, dance and food that brings us together.”

Header photo: As a part of Latinx night, a plethora of performances including dancing and a mariachi band came together in the CSU Ballroom to celebrate the community and the traditions of each country. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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