Election results are in: Roiger and Mesta to be the 91st Student Government Leaders

Tuesday’s election results named Sierra Roiger president and David Mesta vice president of the 91st Student Government. 

A neck and neck race for the leader position concluded as Roiger and Mesta who ran under Maverick United won with a majority of 53% over Destined Sehgbean and Ruth Asmamaw who ran with Representing Mavericks. 

Soon-to-be president Roiger said during the campaign that it was important to meet the student body face to face.

“From like, 8:30 a.m. on I walked through every single academic building and Res Hall. Everywhere I was just nonstop. I actually tracked over 25,000 steps,” Roiger said. “We actually went out to where the students are instead of making them come to us.”

Mesta said speaking to various RSOs also helped. 

“We met with the Hmong Association, Latinx, the Mav Machine, student ambassadors and Greek Life to really get the voice out,” Mesta said. “(On) election day we did tabeling and going around campus talking to students getting them to vote and hear about the referendum.”

This year’s voter turnout was almost double last year’s. Nearly 2,000 students voted for next year’s student leaders as well as passed a Student Activity Fee increase of 8.96% and an Intercollegiate Athletics Fee of 8.79%.

This means the fee increases will go into effect next fall with an 84 cents increase per credit for the Student Activity Fee.

Ecstatic the elections are over, both leaders felt honored the student body chose them.

“It’s a sense of relief, mainly because I was looking at the referendums. The biggest thing for me was getting those referendums passed to support the students,” Roiger said. “I’m just so excited, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Roiger and Mesta said they look forward to working with students next semester. They said they’ll support increased hours for the Maverick Food Pantry and take a stance against LockDown Browser and their required use of webcam access. 

With over 10 senators from the 90th Student Government transitioning to the 91st Student Government, their experience could be beneficial. 

“We have a collective group of current student senators coming back and then also new senators that are going to bring a fresh perspective,” Mesta said. “Having a well-rounded group of students from every part of campus will help with our decision-making and a lot of our input that will be beneficial to the Senate next year.”

Both Roiger and Mesta served as senators this year. They will be inaugurated at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Centennial Student Union Ballroom. The position for speaker opens April 26 and is open to any student.

Header photo: Election results are in announcing Sierra Roiger the president and David Mesta the vice president of the 91st Student Government. (Courtesy Sierra Roiger)

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