Use summer break to relax

Despite a couple odd days of cold, snowy weather earlier this week, it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung. The sun is out and shining again for more than a few hours every day, we can finally hang our winter coats back in the closet, and the end of school is only a couple weeks away, inching closer and closer every day.

For many students, however, summer vacation is not a vacation at all; rather, the opposite. Some students are forced to sign up for summer classes so they can meet their academic goals on time. Some replace their early morning classes with early morning work shifts.

Some still retain the academic stress that plagued them throughout the school year, despite the school year itself being over already. Even though all their classes are done, the feeling of anxiety still smothers them as they wonder if their GPA is high enough for jobs to take them seriously, or if their transcript is good-looking enough to graduate with honors.

Summer break is right around the corner, and with it comes a well-needed break from school, and all the stress it entails. Thinking about finals, studying for finals and taking finals weigh heavily on students’ minds, so a break from school, even for a month or two, is much needed to alleviate any possible stress that may arise.

Why would summer break be called a break if we, as students, weren’t meant to take one? If we were meant to be in school year-round, summer classes would be mandatory.

Despite what some may say, taking breaks from the high-stakes environment of higher education isn’t just a good idea, it’s essentially a requirement. Constantly pushing yourself to write one more paper or finish one more assignment will only lead to burnout, which will only impede your academic progress even more.

Taking the summer off allows us as students to recharge and rejuvenate for the fall semester, so that when summer turns to fall and the school year starts up again, we can rest assured that we’ve set ourselves up for success as best as we can.

Relaxation can come in many forms. Wake up early. Sleep in late. Go to the gym. Stay completely horizontal in bed all day. Spend all day outside in nature. Binge watch your favorite TV shows all day and all night.

Whatever you need to do to eliminate any stress from school and get back in your zone, it doesn’t matter. If you’re doing what makes you happy, you’re getting the most out of your summer vacation.

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