Day of Service honors Maverick volunteers

The Maverick Day of Service, which happened on Saturday April 22, was a day to celebrate all the graduating service leaders and introduce the service leaders for 2023-2024. The day consisted of the volunteering students doing service work through various agencies and returning to campus for the ceremony and food.

Karen Anderson, the assistant director for community engagement, said, “Every year, we graduate students that have done amazing volunteer work, and they go out into the community to do good things. And that’s really what the event is about.”

These students volunteer every year to go out and work around the community; recognizing this dedication is part of the day.

“We just want to make sure that we recognize the unsung heroes. We have this day to celebrate the people who go about doing things behind the scenes that you never think about,” said Anderson.

“Even though I definitely did not go into volunteering for the recognition it feels really good to be acknowledged,” said Hannah Minet the outgoing president for Mavs in Action.

The Maverick Day of Service is valuable for students because it brings them together and gets them involved with the community.

“I think it’s just a great way to bring different members of our school together and help our community. I feel like it also brings awareness to our group, and it helps more people get involved and get back to the community,” said Olivia Hall, the next president for the Mavs in Action.

“I think the Maverick Day of Service is important because it brings people together. It helps us impact both our campus community and the greater Mankato area, which I think is an opportunity that not a ton of students get,” said Minet.

Minet and Hall both have a passion for volunteering and helping their communities.

“I’ve been volunteering since I was really little, and it’s something I’m really passionate about. When I learned about Mavs in Action, I knew I wanted to get involved with them,” said Hall.

“I started volunteering at (Minnesota State) in the second semester of my sophomore year. I volunteer because I have a huge passion for it. Being able to help the community and people around me and knowing I’m making a difference is fulfilling,” said Minet.

Beyond helping the communities around Mankato, volunteering on the Maverick Day of Service can be an introduction into working with Mavs in Action.

“It’s definitely helped me make connections and grow in leadership. I know so much more about how this college works than I ever would have known if I wasn’t involved,” said Minet.

To get involved with Mavs in Action or other volunteering experiences, you can reach out to the Community Engagement Office at Community.Engagement@mnsu.edu or stop by their office in CSU 173. 

Header Photo: Just as students volunteer to help the community, students participate in an Earth week event on campus to promote biodiversity. (Phedias Pierides/The Reporter)

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