Smash the pain away

Plate Smash, sponsored by the Students Event Team, was a way to help students with the built-up stress from finals and other life events. After signing a waiver and putting on a wristband, it was straight to decorating plates.

“Plate Smash is supposed to help students relieve stress as students prepare for finals. You go up, grab a plate, write down what’s bothering you, and then smash it. It’s like a cathartic release,” said Student Events team member Hayley Whipps.

Stress is rampant this time of year for students. With finals and graduation right around the corner, the Student Events Team wanted to give students a chance to release some of that built-up pressure.

“I feel like it’s just good to get some of that pent-up energy out because people are sitting and studying for long periods. I know it can be draining. So, getting outside and doing something fun and interesting, I think, will benefit students,” said Whipps.

Many students were excited about the event and found it therapeutic to get their anger out.

“It was so gratifying and felt so good. I love events like these, like when they bring the car, because I like having something accessible where I can smash out my rage,” said Faith Hagen.

“I did it just because I went through a rough time and had a lot of anger. So, I was like, ‘You know what, why not?’ and it felt terrific just to throw it and get it all out, just get all that feeling and anger out for once,” said Alana Hartman.

“I think it’s a great event, and I’m glad the school is putting stuff like this on,” said James Henry.

It can be good to take a break and relieve stress. Plate Smash as an event wanted to offer students a personalized way to express their thoughts and feelings.

“Students can personalize the experience to them, so they’re not just going into a paid room and smashing anything, but they can take the time to think about their emotions and mental health. And maybe consider how they need to take a break from studying or find ways to relax and enjoy themselves as finals week approaches and appreciate anything they’re excited about in the future,” said Whipps.

In the last few weeks, you may feel like you need to be studying or working all the time, but breaks are essential and help with productivity in the long run.

“Overall, we want students to have fun with it and take it as an opportunity to look at what they must prepare for at the end of the semester and anything they need to do. We want students to take these weeks seriously but also realize there is still time for fun,” said Whipps.

Header Photo: Many students gathered outside the Centennial Student Union to smash customized plates in order to relieve stress that could’ve been caused by finals week. (Phedias Pierides/The Reporter)

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