The Reporter’s 2022-23 Recap

Wow, end of the year already? Student-run since 1926 The Reporter has become a forum run by students for students.

Delivering the news to students and the greater campus community through multimedia formats while increasing its multimedia presence has been one goal we strived for this year.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign last year and another successful funding this year, The Reporter is so grateful for all of those who support the hard work we as students put into this paper.

One big accomplishment was launching Making of a Maverick in January, which was a testament that proved we are much more than just a newspaper. The hosts find students, faculty and alumni who have a story to share and talk about their experience at MSU. Publishing weekly podcasts has been a major asset and a step in the right direction in the world of media journalism. 

Another accomplishment has been growing our staff from about ten people in August 2022 to where we’re now which is over 30 members. 

Also this year 12 students from The Reporter attended the annual Minnesota Newspaper Association banquet to accept and honor the winners of the Better Newspaper Contest. Staff writers and photographers of the newspaper were celebrated for their storytelling and photo excellence. Overall, The Reporter took home 16 awards, four of those being first place. The Reporter as a whole was awarded second place for Best Website and third place for General Excellence.

Not only was this a big year for the growth of the paper and staff members, but also the relations with fellow student leaders and faculty. Building relationships with groups or people you regularly cover is essential. Not only does it make for better stories by making those connections, but it also benefits your network as a student. 

Oftentimes making those connections can result in new staff members and sometimes new friends. The Reporter is a place for those who dare to try something new.

We as students at The Reporter aim to increase the visibility of our space and get more and more students on board with the great opportunities that come with being a journalist. Not only do you get to cross paths and talk to those you normally wouldn’t, but it also allows you to understand the MSU community as a whole.

Whether it’s sports, news or variety that you are interested in, The Reporter has it. With the increase in media, those interested in photography, social media and marketing are welcomed. 

Experiential learning is a key component at The Reporter. The experience you gain from working here is valuable and is a factor that allowed three soon-to-be graduates to land their first jobs as broadcast journalists.

Whether you have a story idea, or you want to be the one sharing the story, CSU room 293 is where you can find a place like no other at MSU.

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