This is Goodbye

My time at the Reporter will certainly be one I won’t forget. It has been a fun time and a valuable learning experience, one I’m grateful to have gotten.

It wasn’t until last semester that I thought about going into journalism. I didn’t really know where to start, until I talked with my advisor, Dr. Roland Nord. He gave me some great advice and pointed me down the path I’m now walking.

His advice lead me to Dr. Rachael Hanel. She gave me the opportunity to study under her to hone my creative nonfiction and journalism skills. She was the one to encourage me to work for the Reporter.

I was initially nervous because I had no experience interviewing people and writing articles for a newspaper. But the staff at the Reporter helped guide me through it all.

I’ll always be grateful to Julia Barton, the editor-in-chief, for taking me on and letting me experience journalism through the Reporter. Also, a big shout out to Emma Johnson and Joey Erickson for all assignments they gave me and all the editing they did on my articles. I don’t think I can thank them enough for the work they’ve done.

I was always nervous going out and talking with people but also excited. I was talking with people I would never have if I hadn’t worked at the Reporter.

One of my favorite assignments was when I got to speak with Toni Jensen. She had been on campus as part of the Good Thunder Reading Series.

Jensen had so many wonderful insights about being a writer and a journalist. It was surreal talking with her about her plans, book, and experience with writing.

Talking with her made me realize that I could truly be a journalist. Talking about when she was working with her school paper and all her experiences there helped me see my own path.

I look forward to continuing to hone my journalism skills and breaking into the field when I graduate this Spring. And to future reporters, good luck!

Kendall Larson

(Courtesy Kendall Larson)

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