Consent is everywhere, even in sharing french fries

Engaging conversation “Consent is Sexy: FRIES are HOT!” was organized by the Women’s Center, LGBTQ+ Center, and Violence Awareness and Response Program to discuss sex and the importance of consent. 

“This is going to be super fun, super interesting and embarrassing for everyone,” said BreShaun Kearns, Graduate Assistant for Women’s Center.

During the event, speakers talked about consent in various types of relationships. The conversation involved students via different games. The event began with a Kahoot game, where students had a chance to answer questions related to their sexual life. 

Besides personal sexual life, the Kahoot asked students whether they were or knew someone who was sexually assaulted.

“Something we know is true is that the first six weeks of the Fall semester had the highest rates of sexual violence of the whole academic year. Based on our results here, we know that 36% of people in this room have experienced sexual violence,” said Liz Steinborn-Gourley, the Director of the Women’s Center. “That is why we are here today and try to do something engaging and memorable.”

In addition to the games, the event presented skits and asked students to identify red and green flags using glow sticks given to the attendees. The event gifted french fries, t-shirts, and other items to over the 50 students in attendance.

“Just asking ‘Can I give you a hug?’ or ‘Are you comfortable with that?’ is an example of how people should use consent,” said sophomore Emily Hodge. “Everyone has different boundaries, and knowing and asking about them is very important.”

Senior student Mark Moore enjoyed learning something new via games at the event.

“I think it was important that they discussed the red flag/green flag situations and kind of talked about why someone would put up a green flag while a lot of other people put up the red flag,” said Moore.

“Consent is Sexy: FRIES are HOT!” not only talked about students’ sex lives but introduced various resources available for students on campus.

“I think it was good that they showed that there are different resources for people because when they asked if we know someone who has experienced sexual violence, there were a lot of people who said yes,” said sophomore Graeson Quast. “So I think it’s important that people know that there are resources so they can share them with others who need to know about it.”

Header Photo: Women’s Center Director Liz Steinborn-Gorley spoke to students about the importance about consent in relationships and friendships. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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