CSU dock brings foam and fun

What do most college students do on the last day of the first week of college? Drop classes. Stress out about how hard college is. Drop out. And for some at MSU: party at the 11th Black Light Foam Party. 

Student Events Team member Janat Kazibwe was in charge of helping get this annual event in gear. She said she hoped students who weren’t here for past foam parties enjoyed it. 

“I’ve never been to a foam party here before, and the majority of the people that are here right now haven’t experienced it either. It’s something for everybody,” said Kazibwe. “So many people are new here, and this was a chance to step away from school and to have fun with their friends.” 

In 2020, they could not have this event because of the pandemic. 

“The last time this event was a success was before COVID. They tried it again last year, and it rained in, so it was terrible. So I’m happy that it came back,” said Kazibwe. “Students had fun, listened to great music, had some snacks, and got to feel like a kid again and have a good time.” 

The Student Events Team had many flyers around campus, making it hard for students to miss. Ella Fellman was one of those students who saw the poster and showed up for the foam. 

“I think it was pretty fun. It’s creative, and I definitely would (go again.) The music was good as well,” said Fellman. “I heard about it from word of mouth, and there were signs all over campus.” 

The main attraction at the event was the foam machine and the music. There were two machines set up, shooting bubbles for the crowd. Ben Bowden said he enjoyed being there and soaking up the bubbles. 

“I didn’t get to go last year, so I’m very happy I got to do this,” said Bowden. “My favorite part has to be the bubbles; I love bubbles.” 

Partygoer Paige King and her friends soaked up the bubbles and danced to the DJ’s music. She said this event is better with friends. 

“I’m just here with some friends. Just to have fun and just get involved on the campus. It’s very fun, very high energy. I like it,” said King. “My friends and I went directly underneath the foam machine, so we got soaked but had fun.” 

Joe Kingston went to the event after having a good day at football practice and wanted to relax with some friends. 

“It was pretty fun. It looked exciting, so I thought, why not go to it with my buddies,” said Kingston. “I love the bubbles, too; they’re just awesome.” 

Check out the Student Events Team tab on the MSU website for more fun events with friends. 

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