Finding friends at MAV Fest

The annual MAV Fest concert and block party happened Sept. 5. It allowed students to enjoy a night filled with music by cover band IV Play, play outdoor games such as football and cornhole and look at the different Greek life on campus. 

Kaitlyn Smith, a member of the Student Events Team, is in charge of helping organize concert production events on campus. She said this event was a chance for students to get out, meet new people and get recruited by Greek life. 

“When I think of MAV Fest, I think of people having fun with their friends,” said Smith. “As a freshman, you’re away from home and coming in, it can be really scary. When I was a freshman, I hung out with my roommate a lot, and I didn’t get to experience meeting a bunch of people at events.” 

Katie Gruvisch, an Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority member, said she enjoys being in her sorority and thinks it is a good way for others to get more involved in the community and on campus. 

“I personally joined because I made a lot of good connections with the girls, and I like doing volunteer work. My sorority has the most philanthropies on campus,” said Gruvisch. “We’re always working for the community and giving back. If I have nothing else to do with my day, I’d rather be giving back to the community than sitting on my couch.” 

Gruvisch was on the Student Events Team side of this event last year, so this was a different experience. 

“Being on the other partnering side with the FSL (Fraternity and Sorority Life) has been pretty cool to see how both sides play out,” said Smith. “We’ve had a lot of people interested in Greek life so far. I’ve seen a lot of people out dancing by the stage, so I’m pretty happy with the turnout.” 

Ian Ruelas said he came to enjoy the fun. He said he was not a fan of the music but enjoyed it anyway. He was also playing spike ball with some of his friends. 

“I came out because I wanted to meet new people and get out of the dorm. The music is not too bad. I would have liked different music; it’s not my favorite, but not bad,” said Ruelas. 

Sydney Johnson came as part of rushing for a sorority. Rushing, often known as recruiting, is the process of pursuing membership in a fraternity or sorority. She has two houses in mind. 

“It’s just a fun way to meet people and get together, even if you just go with a friend. You get good music. Just a nice environment,” said Johnson. “

You have to rush for all of the sororities. I have my top two figured out: Tri Sigma or Gamma Phi. I’m a legacy for Tri Sigma, meaning my mom was in it, and the girls are really supportive, and I liked the values that each of the sororities have.”

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Header Photo: MAV Fest, put on by MSU’s Student Events Team and Greek Life, featured band IV Play, who preformed  alongside outdoor games, food, and socializing on campus. (Dylan Long/MSU Reporter)

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