Curiosity podcasters want to build connections

There’s a new podcast on the Minnesota State campus that is intended to spark curiosity and build connections within the campus community. It’s called “Curiosity,” a project that grew out of David Engen’s audio storytelling class.

“Connection I think is the biggest thing we want to be doing. Connecting with other students and even faculty too and anyone who is part of this campus,” said Kathryn Petzel.

Connection and community are both themes emphasized by the tight knit group of four student podcasters, who for now are recording in a small office in Trafton hall.

“Community is a big thing and I feel it’s super easy to feel isolated and alone in different ways, so I think this is a great way to connect and learn,” said Mallory Schafer.

The group has plans to move to a larger space and wants to expand their membership numbers. The podcast episode where the group explained their purpose included multiple pleas for people to contact Engen to find out how to join.

The subjects tackled on “Curiosity” are fairly eclectic. Past topics include what it means for instructors to come out as LGBTQ in the classroom, the experiences of non-traditional students and the perspectives of members of the Muslim Student Association. One episode, called the gratitude files, had the podcasters asking people on campus what they were grateful for.

“”Curiosity’ will feature interviews, audio documentaries, personal reflections, and a whole lot more,” said Schafer on the trailer for “Curiosity.”

The group also has a variety of subjects they plan on tackling.

“I personally am an international student and I was thinking of doing something with international students,” said Ryuto Hashimoto. “So I think it would be a really interesting focus for us or for me at least as a member of a podcast to explore their story experiences and bring their voices out here.”

“I am probably going to focus more on personal stories, more one on one interviews,” said Jacob Sparrow.

The name Curiosity was chosen for the podcast to encapsulate what the group felt they were doing.

“We battled around with it for a little bit because we were trying to think of a variety show name and from what we had put together this sort of made sense where it encapsulated what we’re trying to do where we’re exploring new things and we’re exploring new things because we’re curious about them,” said Petzel.

The “Curiosity” podcast is available at Amazon Music, the iTunes store and Apple Podcasts.

Header photo: Minnesota State’s “Curiosity” podcast grew out of David Engen’s audio storytelling class with the goal to spark curiosity and to build connections. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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