The Benefits of Reading

We can find ourselves getting swept up in the hectic day-to-day lifestyle, almost always consumed by technology. Whether for work, school or entertainment, we are glued to screens. There’s something special about stepping away for a few hours and getting lost in a good book. We should prioritize swapping screen time for curling up with a book of our choice. 

Unfortunately, school has made students associate reading with homework. While English is a necessary class, reading does not have to be something to dread. Reading books should be something we turn to as a way to wind down. Having assigned reading forces students to read books that might not interest them. Specific genres apply to different people, so there is truly something for everyone out there. Librarians are more than happy to help you find books based on your interests, so never be afraid to ask them for assistance.

Reading isn’t just a form of entertainment. There are several health benefits to gain from reading. Reading is a way for us to reduce our stress levels. When we find a book that we enjoy, it calms us down as we can forget what’s going on around us. Reading improves our brain function as it keeps us engaged. While some choose to read on a Kindle or a Nook, reading a physical book tells our brains it’s time to wind down. Reading before we go to sleep tells our brains to shut down and regulates our sleep cycle. 

Additionally, reading helps improve our social skills. Reading helps shape literacy skills such as improving our vocabulary. It can make us more eloquent when speaking and can improve our papers in school. Being exposed to authors of different backgrounds broadens our views and grows our sense of empathy. Reading makes us knowledgeable as well. Our conversation skills are greatly improved the more we choose to read. With so many topics to read about, it helps us become better communicators. We are able to talk with a variety of people on numerous topics the more we read. Whether it’s educational or for entertainment, there’s always something to be discussed when it comes to books. 

We need to give our eyes a break from the harsh glare of blue light after consistently staring at phones and laptops all day. Books provide us with the opportunity to lose ourselves in another world and forget about our issues. When we find ourselves with a little extra free time, we should crack open a book for a while and take a break from the real world. 

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