Why you should get involved at Homecoming

It’s the most festive week of the year at Minnesota State as event calendars are packed with homecoming events. Homecoming is an annual tradition that college students look forward to. With time to dress up, support the school and show our spirit, Mavericks of all kinds come together to celebrate MSU. 

The biggest takeaway from homecoming is the memories that come out from the week. Some of the key memories we’ll look back on years from now will come from the events of the week. Whether it’s from screaming at the concert, supporting our favorite team at the lip sync battles or hanging out at Mavericks on the Mall, there is something for everyone to participate in. Instead of spectating from the sidelines, we should throw ourselves into the mix! Don’t be afraid to yell the loudest and let yourself go!

Homecoming also gives students a break from schoolwork. Midterms are approaching fast and that can weigh heavy on our minds. We also have been working hard since Labor Day week and we deserve to take a break. Even though we tend to think that college is just about homework and tests, it’s so much more than that. Attending events during homecoming allows us to step away from our homework for a little bit and spend time with our friends. It alleviates stress and puts us in a better mood. The events are spread out throughout the rest of the week, making it easy to set aside time for us. We’ll remember homecoming and its events over the regular routine of study sessions and all-nighters. 

Homecoming establishes a sense of camaraderie as well. When we’re all packed within the stands of Blakeslee, we are all Mavericks. No matter what our majors, our backgrounds or the extracurriculars we are a part of, we are all united at MSU. When we all are watching the bonfire, cheering in the hockey arena and watching the parade, we share similar experiences of school spirit, no matter the separate paths we are on. It’s the only time of year when we can all come together as one. It also allows us to meet loads of people and make new friends. 

No matter what we attend this weekend, we should get involved and go to as many events as we possibly can. We should step out of our comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities given to us to show off our Maverick spirit. Embrace the purple and gold this week and have some fun! 

Roll Mavs!

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