Music for the Mavs

Rapper, singer-songwriter and producer Kid Ink performed for students and staff at the Minnesota State Homecoming concert on Friday. The concert was held in Myers Field House on campus, commonly utilized for athletics such as track and rock climbing.

The event served as a method of relieving stress for many students as homecoming falls close to midterm exams. As students lined up with tickets in hand, many were brimming with excitement. For some, it was the first on-campus concert experience here at MSU while others have jumped at previous concert events such as last year’s event where rapper B.o.B performed. 

Lauren South and Megan Myers, Community Assistants (CAs) at Julia Sears Residence Community, said they were excited to spend time with their residents as well as enjoy the artist’s music. 

“I look forward to hanging out with all of my residents and seeing Kid Ink,” South said. “I have gone to the concerts every year so I just wanted to keep the tradition going. This is my third year of going to concerts for homecoming.”

“I am most looking forward to seeing how the concerts are done, listening to the music and hanging out with the residents,” said Myers. “I have never been to a concert before, this is my first one.”

A popular song of Kid Ink’s was his feature in Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It.”

“I’d have to say that my favorite song of his was the one he did with Fifth Harmony, “Worth It,” said South. 

“I’ve heard his song with Fifth Harmony,” MSU undecided student Natalie Giese said.

The CAs also said that they approved of the idea of hosting a concert on campus in the warmth of the field house. 

“I love the idea of having it in the field house,” said South.

“I love that it’s free for the students and something fun to do,” Myers said.  

While some students were thrilled to experience their favorite songs by Kid Ink in person, others were unfamiliar with his music yet hopeful about the experience. Two students, Joey Wiczek, a student nursing major and Luke Westfield, an exercise science student, are both fans of the artist and said that they have historically listened to his music. 

“I’m looking forward to his three main songs: Main Chick, Money And The Power and Hell & Back,” said Wiczek. “I’ve been listening to him ever since he first started out.”

“His music always got me hyped up for hockey games so I am very excited to see him,” Westfield said. “I went to B.o.B last year and it was the best time of my life.”

Construction management student, Cam Watkins, said that while he did not know much information about the artist or his songs, he still looked forward to the concert.

“I don’t really know what to expect but I’m pretty excited,” said Watkins. “I’m looking forward to experiencing something new.”

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Header Photo: The Homecoming concert starred Kid Ink, American rapper singer-songwriter Friday night in Myers Field House. Hit songs such as “Show Me,” “Ride Out,” and “Body Language,” are popular songs from the artist. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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