Stop skipping class

The weather outside is colder with an increase in student burnout. Halfway through the semester, it is quite obvious how students mentally check out of their academics when things turn overwhelming.

Being a student is not easy. Getting up every day, spending so much quality time with the computer, walking from the free lot during the rain or snow. Mental fogginess is bound to happen, and it is not our fault, but it is also up to ourselves to keep pushing. After all, we pay for our education, and missing class comes with a price. 

We have likely noticed fewer and fewer people in desks with every class that continues, and our professors notice it as well. Some professors implement strict attendance policies, while others remain more lenient. However, it is important not to take advantage of this. Just because our professors aren’t keeping track of who is attending their lectures does not undermine the efforts they put into the lecture for the students present.

At this point in the semester where there is not necessarily a break on the horizon, things get stressful. Thanksgiving break is ways away, and winter break is an even farther stretch. We also no longer have the excuse of, “it’s still early in the semester.” We need to stay on top of it because there are still three and a half quarters left on the academic calendar. 

For a lot of us, that first time skipping class comes with a thrill. Not having the principal ring our parents, or getting an angry phone call or text message. It seems easy. When it becomes habitual is when it starts to be a problem. Falling into the trap of missing class continually will be paired with a failing grade. We are held accountable for our own education, and it is up to us to do the work to get the degree. 

We can prevent the mid-semester spiral by planning out a schedule, setting alarms, waking up early, and asking for help. Our professors are there to help, family members, friends, who might be able to offer advice or support. It is important to not be afraid to reach out when it is for your benefit, and most of the time, people can relate to the situation in some way, especially if they have attended university. 

At the end of the day, what matters most is up to each individual person. For some, that may be their education, and others may have other priorities. However, we all are here at the same university for a reason, and it is important to start to think about what these reasons are and if we are doing as much as we can to achieve our goals. 

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