Campus safety: Is MSU doing enough?

University security at MSU works around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve the community. However, some might argue they might not be doing enough, or are even doing too much. It’s unlikely any campus patrol is going to satisfy the standards of everyone enrolled, but it is important for students to continue to advocate for ways they can improve. 

MSU’s security team’s duties include patrol and dispatch, campus lost and found, area access control, safe walks, vehicle jump-starts and unlocks, and a safe and anonymous drug drop box. Their mission is to maintain a safe and secure living, learning, and working environment at MSU, including core values like trust, integrity, and commitment as promised in their value statement. 

MSU Security is also the only law enforcement, security, or public safety agency in Minnesota to be awarded accreditation by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) in June 2022, which essentially means they were recognized for their commitment to the cause. This pat on the back was prideful for the agency, and it helps provide some sort of comfort for students’ trust in the team. 

One of the most beneficial services of MSU Security is silent witness reporting. The university has an online form to report concerning situations, with the option to remain completely anonymous. This is helpful for circumstances when we might be the victim of assault, or witness someone else being a victim, but are not comfortable with our name being tied to the report. 

Another duty the team does a good job of is the safe walks around campus. When we might be worried about being followed, feel uncomfortable by a public situation, or simply scared to walk outside in the dark, we can call the number and a member can assist us to our destination. With students living alone the first time ever, having access to safe walks is relieving and a positive thing for this campus. 

Where there are pros, there are always cons. A negative factor about MSU Security is the parking. Vehicles are constantly getting hit in the lot, vandalized, and broken into, yet sometimes it seems like the priority is who is parked in the orange, purple, or gold lot without a parking pass. The parking passes are unaffordable for many students, and the free lot is a strenuous walk, especially in Minnesota’s winter. There needs to be some sort of compromise between security and students about MSU’s parking, because it is always a highly controversial subject. 

Although there are downsides, MSU wouldn’t operate and be a safe space without its security. We can utilize security services by dialing 507-389-2111, which should receive an answer anytime of the day, any day of the week.

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