Balancing a job and schoolwork

We are all in college, most of us have jobs and most of us need to work those jobs in order to pay rent, buy groceries or whatever else you spend your paychecks on. But we also have classwork to do, and we all know how much work classes can be. 

So the question is: How can we balance it all? The simple answer is time management. But let’s break it down.

Priorities are important in every single thing we do, but it is also important to prioritize your schoolwork. At this point, our first job should be school. If it is not, why are we here? So whether you are a procrastinator or a driver that wants to get everything done in advance, schoolwork should be a priority over work. 

However, situations can get sticky, and that’s where your communication needs to be honest and transparent. Whether it is at your job or in the classroom, your bosses and  professors likely understand the stresses of balancing a job and schoolwork, and they will have sympathy. But only if you are accountable and honest. Let them know if you have a huge project looming over your head or a group project to work on, but do it in advance.

Timeliness is also imperative. Being organized and communicating on-time will also help reduce the mental clutter that can occur as you manage your priorities. So if you need to miss class or a day at work, let them know ahead of time, and try to be on-time or early to your job or your classes as you try to build a trust-based relationship that will allow you to be more flexible and ask for those days off if need be. 

But as we load our plate with school and work, we may lose out on a lot of time to be social. This brings up the importance of being engaged with a lot of the hobbies and interests that we are so accustomed to. If you find yourself lost in all of the work, take a step back, do the things you love to do and keep a hold on your personal life, because at the end of the day, that is the most important thing in all of life in general. 

It is important to maintain an active social life to some degree so as to keep yourself sane and engaged in your life. But if you just slow down and think through some of the situations, it will come naturally. Life is different for each individual on this planet, but this guide is exactly that, a guide. Follow it at will, but your situation may be different than others.

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