Remember the name, The Struts 

The fourth album by The Struts, “Pretty Vicious,” released Friday, captures their live performance’s raw, boisterous vibe by combining their arena-sized energy with some of their most sincere and thrilling songs. 

“Too Good At Raising Hell” is the album’s leading track, and for good reason. The song captures the essence of living an extravagant life and all of the glorious moments that come with it. It’s the perfect song to start the party and a great preview of what’s to come. The track retains much of what The Struts are known for, but also introduces a new sound fans have been waiting to hear..  

The album’s title track seems to pay homage to a person with seductive and possibly dangerous allure. The song’s lyrics imply that this person commands attention from those around them by acting and speaking with a certain power. The chorus reiterates, “You can be pretty vicious,” suggesting a cruel side underneath all of this person’s charm and good looks. 

“I Won’t Run” is an anthem about overcoming adversity with resilience and determination. The lyrics express a refusal to back down or give up. 

“Hands On Me” is about a desire for a close relationship with someone who has left the protagonist’s life. The refrain “hands on me” throughout the song symbolizes the deep sense of loneliness and longing for physical touch. 

“Do What You Want” celebrates individuality, self-assurance and the ability to express oneself freely. “Everybody here looks like someone I know; you were doing it better, baby, three years ago.” This suggests that the individual has managed to stay unique in changing times and be ahead of trends.  

“Rockstar” celebrates and idolizes a self-assured, bold woman who embraces her uniqueness and goes about her life according to her own terms. The lines “Just another sucker with a hole in his head” and “If I can’t deliver, I’d be better off dead” imply that the protagonist is aware of this woman’s power and attraction but is also intimidated by her and unsure of his ability to live up to her expectations. He considers himself no more than a mere bystander to her seductions.  

“Remember The Name” is about living life to the fullest, being genuine and determined to make a difference. It encourages listeners to value their uniqueness and take advantage of every chance.

“Bad Decisions” explores the inner conflict and fallout from making careless decisions of one’s own. The narrator seems barely clinging to sanity as they describe a helpless feeling. Their actions have prevented them from getting enough sleep, and the hotel bathrooms are replete with smoke, which points to a disorderly and destructive way of life.  

“Better Love” speaks to someone looking for a better relationship after being in a problematic one. With lyrics like, “I know he’s trying to keep your mouth shut / I see you looking for the right stuff / I could give you better love.” 

The song “Gimme Some Blood” expresses the struggles and desires of a driven and ambitious person who feels unfulfilled and needs assistance to find true fulfillment and a purpose in life.

“Somebody Someday” is the last song on the record. The themes of tenacity, overcoming rejection, and pursuing dreams are central to this song. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a sixteen-year-old waiting for a dream at Barker’s Street bus station and looking for approval from others. 

The Struts is a British rock band formed in 2012 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. The band consists of lead vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies. 

Header Photo: The Struts released their fourth album Friday called “Pretty Vicious.” The album contains the band’s arena-sized energy while conveying feelings of loneliness, self-expression and wanting to make a difference. (Courtesy thestruts.lnk.to)

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