“We still matter and are not forgotten.”

Minnesota State’s Veterans Resource Center hosted their event to celebrate Veteran’s Day on Nov. 9. 

Student veterans were invited to celebrate the day together. MSU’s President Edward Inch opened the event with a speech honoring Veterans Day. He said the university ensures that student veterans have the support and opportunities they need to move through their careers.

“We show respect and recognize all of those who have served in support of our country, those patriots that have allowed us to have the freedoms that we share here today,” said Inch. “And it is a moment of reminding ourselves of the courage and the patriotism and the selflessness that it takes to wear the uniform, to defend this country, and to advocate and fight for all of those things that we get to enjoy at home.”

Veterans Resource Center invited a guest speaker, First Sergeant (R) Troy Hill, to speak about his service career and celebrate the day together. Hill served in every leadership position, from Gunner to First Sergeant, in his 22 years of active duty military service. In his speech, he said he had to be away from home and miss many significant events, such as his daughter’s first words.

The president of MSU’s Veteran’s Club, Carter Nesburg, said such events have a great significance.

“There’s a large population of student veterans that a lot of people don’t realize they’re around because a lot of veterans kind of get tossed to the curb when they come home,” said Nesburg. “Seeing such events on campus, they’re willing to say, ‘Hey, you still matter, and you’re still important, and we’re willing to show that it is essential,’ and maybe it might bring more people together.”

According to Nesburg, there are over 700 student veterans on campus. Veterans Resource Center serves as a safe space for the student veteran population. He said it is important to honor Veterans Day because many people forget what others had to give up.

“For people to realize that it’s not over just because you’re done is very important,” said Nesburg. “And maybe feel like we still matter and not forgotten.”

Veterans Resource Center provides assistance and peer support for all student veterans. Military members and their families are encouraged to stop by the office and make new connections. The office is located in the Centennial Student Union, room 167.

Header photo: Minnesota State’s Veteran Resource Center hosted their event to celebrate Veteran’s Day on Nov. 9. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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