Mavs dominant so far

Minnesota State Men’s Basketball is 6-0 to start the season. This start can be described by one word “Dominance.”

The team has been nothing short of dominant to start the season so far and is showing very good signs and habits to start so far. No game has been very close so far yet in the scoreline, but there have been blowouts from Minnesota State.

Some of the most impressive players so far have been three of the recruits this season: Justin Eagins, Elijah Hazekamp and Dylan Peeters, all of whom have added something new and dynamic. These players are here to win, and it has shown so far. 

It’s a long season where many things can happen, but the way you start seasons is the most important because it sets a tone and creates the vibe that follows the team throughout the season. Minnesota State has set the tone, and they don’t look like they’re planning on stopping anytime soon. 

In a game against Waldorf Friday, MSU shot an efficient 47.6% from the field, with Malik Willingham and Dylan Peeters leading all scorers with 15 points apiece. 

Minnesota State was impressive during this game showcasing much versatility and talent with the Willingham brothers very much showing their talent and ability in this game. 

Kyrese Willingham led all scorers in the first half with 12 points and was looking like the most dangerous on the court. Malik was a floor general for the Mavericks throughout this game and was setting the tone. The brothers are the real deal and have been a large part of this dominant start by the Mavericks. 

Dylan Peeters and Brady Williams were setting the tone as the big men of the game showing dominance on the boards and creating havoc in the paint. Peeters’ ability to score with versatility showed the layers of the game. 

Brady Williams was very dominant defensively and seemed to be the defensive heart of the team at one point. Williams was injured last year and missed most of the season, but showed that won’t have any effect on his game. 

Elijah Hazekamp is a player who is not afraid to shoot, and it very much showed against Waldorf. He would shoot whenever he saw the opportunity, and this resulted in hIm shooting with a good efficiency of 40% with 13 points on the night. 

The second unit was another highlight of the night with Malcom Jones, Brady Williams and Harrison Braduis leading the second unit for the game. They were very impressive and offered every missing piece the Mavericks needed. Their intensity on both the offensive and defensive of the court did not go unnoticed. 

Regarding the game, Head Coach Matt Margenthaler had this to say. 

“I think the last two games we’ve played very well together, we’ve been connected. This week is about us just doing what we do, and not trying to deviate from our game plan. When you play teams that you should win, you want to make sure you don’t create bad habits, and I think so far, we’ve done a really good job of staying the course and taking care of ourselves.”

The Mavericks have shown no sign of stopping their winning ways, and look to extend their record to 7-0 Friday against Sioux Falls. 

Header Photo:  Minnesota State saw six players score at least 10 points in MSU’s 97-63 win over Bethany Lutheran College. They will be back in action this weekend (Courtesy of Maverick Athletics)

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