Student government elects Roshit Niraula as VP

Niraula elected vice president of student government

The candidates for the final round of the vice presidency election were Sophomore Rebecca Jay and Niraula. Jay and Niraula had the opportunity to respond to various questions presented by the senators.

One of the questions presented was what their greatest strengths and weaknesses were. In response to this question, Jay said her strength was time management while her weakness was paying too much attention to small details at the expense of the larger picture. Niraula said time management was a weakness but communication was a strength that thrived as the academic affairs coordinator.

In response to a question about what they planned to achieve as vice president, Jay and Niraula said the following.

“I specifically aim on expanding the student town halls that recently happened. The student town hall that I attended last week was a great resource for students to know about existing campus resources and also for us to advocate and listen to different concerns,” Niraula said.

“I would say that one of my biggest things would be creating some type of accessibility guides for incoming students, transfer students, international students, anything like that. Our campus has a lot of academic resources and organizations to be involved in, and it can be a lot for students to understand,” Jay said.

In response to a question about how to increase the student population, Jay advocated better advertising aimed toward out-of-state potential students, while Niraula recommended smoothing transfer pathways.

When asked why they decided to run for the position, Jay and Niraula said the following.

“I am a political science student, so I love everything about government. I love our university and am very involved because I think it is a great place to be,” Jay said. “I felt that with my communication and written abilities I would serve well in this position. I am friends with President Roiger, and I’ve seen the amazing work that she has been able to do.”

“I have always been inspired to advocate for students, which pushed me to become a senator,” Niraula said. “Talking about my inspiration for applying for the vice presidency, in our recent town hall with the students, I got to hear a lot of different concerns from the students; and I got into thinking about creative project ideas that I could be delegating with senators. I definitely feel like being in that position would help me relay, communicate, and connect all of you with those projects.”

Header photo: Roshit Niraula was elected vice president of the student government Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023. (Nathanael Tilahun/The Reporter)

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