Nutrition consultations are available on campus

Minnesota State offers individual nutrition consultations with campus dietitian Taylor Nixt. 

Nixt had completed a two-year internship with the previous campus dietitian before starting her work here at MSU. 

“With the experience that I got as a dietetic intern, I enjoyed the variety that campus dietitians really get,” said Nixt. “We get all three of the core dietetic areas: food service, clinical and community. After graduating from my internship, I realized that being a campus dietician is the first area I wanted to gain experience from.”

Nixt offers counseling related to a variety of nutrition topics, such as weight maintenance, loss or gain, sports nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders.

“I have some student-athletes and just students in general who want to learn a little bit more about nutrition, healthy eating, weight maintenance, specific disease states, whether it may be like diabetes, PCOS, really whatever it may be,” said Nixt.

Nixt said her favorite part of being a campus dietitian is socializing with students.

“Transitioning over to college is their first time living on their own, and so they feel a little lost in some sense,” said Nixt. “So I like to be there for them, advocate for them and just give them the skills that they need to be successful students, but also nutritionally as well.”

While meeting students to discuss their nutrition and doing follow-ups, Nixt also educates students about a balanced diet on campus.

“I also do dining center tours with students, so maybe they have a food allergy or intolerance, so they want to look at what options they have on campus,” said Nixt. “So I can walk them through the dining center and show them their options. I am educating them about mindful eating and creating a balanced plate with them.”

Additionally, Nixt does presentations on a variety of topics related to healthy diet. Nixt said faculty members could reach out to her and plan a presentation. This includes presentations for the community.

Nixt advised to start healthy eating by not skipping meals. 

“Many people think skipping meals can help them lose weight, but I would say the best thing for a body is to nourish it. Try to aim for three meals a day,” said Nixt. “Eating a variety of things is another piece of advice. Your body needs various nutrients. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. It can be easy to put hydration on the back burner because it’s cold outside and people are not sweating as much, but the body still needs water.”

The service is free for students, staff and faculty on meal plans or with at least $25 dining dollars on their accounts. To make an appointment with the campus dietitian, email

Photo caption: Minnesota State offers individual nutrition consultations with campus dietitian Taylor Nixt. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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