Stay informed, read the news

From using our computers for classes and work to spending any spare minute on our phones, there’s never a moment when we’re not connected to a screen. However, in all that time we engage with technology, the media we’re seeing usually isn’t news regarding the local, nationwide or global news. 

College students can disregard news easily. They’ll say it doesn’t impact them in any way or is boring. However, the news isn’t just another form of media to consume; it’s a way to stay connected with the rest of the world and a form of education. 

News informs us of what’s occurring in the world, broken down so we can understand what’s happening. It keeps us updated on other cultures, the ongoings of society and changes to our future. Additionally, reading the news often makes us knowledgeable in any conversation. 

With the amount of content available to us, it can be difficult to determine which sites have correct information and which ones don’t. More and more websites are also tending to focus more on celebrity gossip and the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyles. The Reporter focuses heavily on news pertaining to students and events on campus as opposed to general news.

Reading the news opens our eyes to topics that are important to us. We can gain more information from several sources as opposed to a 10-slide Instagram post. News websites crank out stories every day as their goal is to keep the general public informed with what’s going on. When we want to know what’s going on when an emergency strikes, we immediately turn to the news. 

The news is never going to go away. It’s a part of our daily lives, more than we think it is. It’s how we think about our next few purchases, when we’ll travel depending on the weather forecast and who we’ll vote for in upcoming elections. It’s important to stay updated in our ever-changing world. Taking a few minutes to read a couple of news stories pays off in the long run, so catch the latest scoop!

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