Why you should apply for scholarships

As of today, scholarship applications are open, but only for a brief period of time. 

Quite simply, scholarships could greatly impact your life and, for the next 28 days, you have the opportunity to sign up and apply. It may seem like a daunting task but it is well worth it. 

Writing essays, completing lengthy forms and sometimes having to turn in resumes seems daunting especially when it has to be done by strict deadlines but we highly recommend you do so. In the end, if you earn one, it could help more than you know. 

First off, college is expensive. For many it is the first time in our lives where we have to pay large amounts of money and take out loans. Winning scholarships could help this financial burden. It could lower your tuition rates or, in some cases, fully cover it. 

The job market is very competitive. A scholarship could be the difference maker you need. It is a great academic achievement. Having one or more scholarship’s is a great resume builder. These things can set you apart from others when applying for jobs, and could end up being the reason you get accepted. It proves to employers you were a hard worker in school and you were valued at your university. It is a testament to hard work and the capabilities you possess. It shows that your academic or extracurricular achievements were recognized and rewarded. 

Whether you earn one or not, applying for scholarships can be a great learning experience. It teaches the importance of deadlines and other valuable lessons. Applying for scholarships requires students to hone in on writing skills, resumes and also provides students with the need to reflect on their goals. 

If you earn them, that is great. If not, it could be a time to think about getting more involved on campus or the community and also challenging yourself more in school. 

If you need help applying, check out the Career Development Center. They specialize in helping students build portfolios, resumes and essays. 

As of now, you can find MSU scholarships on the university website. They are open until Feb. 28. 

Make sure to challenge yourself this semester and apply, you may just surprise yourself on the outcome and the doors it could open for your future.

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