Make sure to leave your comfort zone

We as students need to use the time that we have in college as an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone. 

College gives us the platform to explore different things and find out about what we do and don’t like. 

So get out and try to do things that we normally wouldn’t do.

If we are somebody that is living in the dorms, do not be shy about talking to your floor mates or other students that are in the same building.

In the dining hall, strike up a conversation with someone that is also waiting in line to get their food. 

When heading to class, how about we ask people around us about what they thought about the assignment that was given, or how they are feeling about the course. 

Instead of studying alone, ask somebody in class if they will be willing to be a study partner or be part of a study group. Study groups are a great way to make learning more enjoyable. 

How about going up to your professors before or after class and asking them a question or making a comment about what the class is learning. How about just talking to them about other things and trying to get to know them as people also. 

Think about all the different clubs and events that are taking place on campus all the time. Would it hurt us to show up at some of those events from time to time and potentially learn about something new and meet some new people? 

The point of these few of many possible ways that we as students can get out of our comfort zone, is it helps us grow as people. There is no reason not to try and challenge ourselves and seek the possibilities of getting something out of exploring new things. 

Another thing that getting out of our comfort zone does is that it diversifies us as people. Especially on a campus like ours where there are so many people from so many different backgrounds, it gives us the opportunity to interact with one another and learn about each other’s different perspectives. 

Lastly, do not think that everything that we go out and try to explore is going to be appealing to us. There is a very real chance that we may not enjoy certain things that we try, and that is ok. Even in situations like those there are valuable lessons to be learned. 

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