Students compete in new song game show

On Thursday night, the Student Events Team organized Minnesota State’s first ever, “Name that Song,” in the Ostrander Auditorium where MSU students were invited to watch or compete in rounds of naming songs, guessing famous music artists and finishing the lyrics. 

There were two games with three rounds where eight contestants went head-to-head in guessing a song, guessing the artists and finishing the lyrics. Any contestants playing had the chance to win a $25 or $50 gift card. 

Senior Kaitlyn Smith, who is the Concert Chair Production of the Student Events Team, explained how the idea of a song game show came from and how it would be enjoyable for students to participate in. 

“On Tuesdays at 4, we have meetings where anyone can come and join and participate in talking about events that we’ve done. We do activities on Tuesdays and I did an activity that basically was similar to the game show that I created, where we played a series of songs but it was combined together. And then we would separate them into two big teams and then each round, a person would come up and then we would play a song and they would try to guess the song,” Smith said. “It was really fun, like we were very competitive. It was just a lot of laughs so I was like, ‘How can I make that into a game show and add rounds to it?’ Because like that, you’re just guessing what the song was and then it was over and then the next people went and this I kind of broke it down into certain rounds.” 

As the Concert Chair Production, Smith explained the planning of the event and how it’s a more laid back event for students opposed to the concerts she helps plan and organize with the Student Events Team.

“I do concerts for the university so this was kind of a more chill event to do. But basically, I feel like the challenging part is getting all the music. Trying to find songs that people actually could guess,” Smith said. “Making sure I have enough songs in my slides. So in case the two people that are trying to guess, if they can’t guess, moving on to another song, having multiple songs and then just getting volunteers to be a part of the game show. But honestly, this is such a small event.”

Smith shared how she hopes the event becomes a success among students and overall, becomes a tradition for Minnesota State. 

“Seeing people on Tuesdays at 4 go crazy about it, I just hope that I can see that at the event like having people bring their friends and be excited to come to the event. And then also during the show, the people that want to come on stage get the chance to come on stage and get to laugh and just have a good time. I’m kind of looking forward to that,” Smith said. “Just seeing people have good times with their friends. I hope that maybe this tradition, or the game show continues but honestly with the concert chair, that’s the only event. You get one event that you get to create yourself.” 

First year students Ellie Danberg, Maya Shorter and Livia Frederick shared their thoughts of the event and how they enjoyed participating together whilst also congratulating Shorter as the second winner of the night. 

“I thought it was super fun and I liked watching my roommate and my friends compete,” Danberg said. 

“I like that we got to actively participate. It made the event more fun. I think there would be more people too if it were advertised a bit more,” Shorter said. 

“I really liked all the lights and smoke machines too,” Frederick said 

The Student Events Team holds membership meetings Tuesdays at 4 at CSU 245. For more information, visit www.mnsu.edu/studenteventsteam 

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Header Photo: The Student Events Team organized a song-guessing game show in Ostrander Auditorium Thursday evening, with different $25 and $50 gift cards for prizes. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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