Contemporary Vocal Group takes the stage

Singing and applause filled Halling Recital Hall Tuesday in response to a performance from the Contemporary Vocal Ensembles (Maverick Vocal Precision and Maverick Fusion). 

Maverick Vocal Precision is an a cappella group consisting of around eight people. Maverick Fusion is a Pop choir that performs a variety of contemporary songs, consisting of around a dozen people.

During the show, the groups switched off every few songs. They performed popular songs like “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Mr. Blue Sky, Beggin,” “Viva La Vida,” “Centuries,” and more. In addition to singing, the performances included acting. Several performers sang solos as well.

Maverick Vocal Precision members Claire Sundquist, Michael Wohlman and Drew Burling talked about what it’s like performing for a live audience.

“It’s just kind of an intrinsic motivator. I love performing. Just kind of like an exhilarating feeling when you step out onto a stage, especially if you’re singing a solo. It’s hard to describe it but it’s a very special feeling,” Sundquist said.

“I always enjoy performing for an audience. I like to be seen, makes me feel noticed and my talents recognized. And then hopefully, in case people are out there, I like to think that it inspires others,” Wohlman said.

“It feels really exciting because we’ve put so much time and energy into making a cool performance. Being able to finally put our hard work into fruition and perform for friends, family and faculty is always super exciting. It’s a little nerve wracking because you only get one shot at it. But it usually goes really well,” said Burling.

When it comes to preparing for performances, the students have different ways of getting the butterflies out. Excessive amounts of practice, vocal warm ups and even, as Wohlman said, taking a shower.

“Before any performance I always take a nice relaxing shower. Just get the jitters out, get the stress out, just kind of relax and know things are gonna go well. I’ve gone through enough shows at this point that I know that things are gonna go fine. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ve practiced, you’ve perfected, you’re good to go,” Wohlman said. 

According to Wohlman and Burling, forming the show is an  extensive process. First they worked together to figure out what songs they wanted to do by pitching and listening to a variety of music. Once the list was narrowed, they voted on the best ones. Then they went through the process of assigning roles to the different members for each song, taking into account what sounds everyone is best at. 

A few weeks prior to the concert, once everyone had the singing down, they worked on choreography. Around this time they started using microphones to get people used to performing with them. They spend the last couple days making sure everything works well and everyone is comfortable.

For those who missed it, the Contemporary Vocal Group’s next performance will be in April. Returning viewers, including myself, are already getting excited to see what they cook up.

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Header Photo: The Contemporary Vocal Ensembles (Maverick Vocal Precision and Maverick Fusion) performed in the campus Recital Hall Tuesday night. (Nate Tilahun/The Reporter)

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