Free educational opportunities on MSU’s LinkedIn

You can thank IT Solutions for providing students with extra opportunities to earn and gain useful skills that apply to educational and career growth. 

According to Carrie Lewis Miller, instructional designer and technologist at Minnesota State, “About 10 years ago, IT Solutions moved from a platform called Atomic Learning to LinkedIn Learning,” Miller said. “LinkedIn Learning had a broader content base and a wider variety of video topics than the previous vendor.” 

According to the MSU website, “LinkedIn Learning gives you the option of connecting your LinkedIn profile for career-based personalization to help fuel a lifetime of learning and professional development.” 

There are many features and functions available for students including uploading custom content, custom collections, access to a variety of learning paths, recommended courses, learning trend projections and the ability to use their intelligent search tool.

If you want to explore new skills, maybe learn graphic design LinkedIn learning is the right place. Additionally, there are many other options to explore. LinkedIn learning can help you explore new career paths and supply you with resources that lead you to achieve your goals. 

“LinkedIn Learning doesn’t just offer videos about Microsoft or Adobe products,” Miller said, “but also about marketing strategies, job hunting, managing employees, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, and teaching methods.”

Students can log in to LinkedIn learning through the MSU website to connect their current LinkedIn with their MSU account with their STAR ID. If you need additional assistance please contact IT Solutions in person or through MSU’s website.

LinkedIn Learning is a large database full of a variety of videos and audio recordings that can help you improve your current skills or help you develop a brand new set of skills. 

According to the LinkedIn Website at,

In addition, the website also states, “The courses on LinkedIn fall into four categories: Business, Creative, Technology, and Certifications.”

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