Diversity in Student Affairs

Student Affairs are an integral part of campus and have various resources and opportunities for students. 

According to the MSU website, “Through partnerships with students and faculty, we aim to create a student-centered environment that fosters student exploration, leadership and the development of big ideas and real-world thinking.”

Student affairs oversees actions and activities on campus that involve students. Through student affairs, students can file complaints or appeals and receive help with basic needs. The office may also have graduate student employment opportunities available. 

Student Affairs is also the home of the Multi-Cultural Student Affairs office.

 Multicultural Student Affairs is the home to:  African-American Affairs Center,  Asian-American Affairs Center, Indian- American Affairs and Latinx Affairs. Each affairs department has a different manager. 

According to their website, “The Center for African American Affairs develops events, programs and direct services that empower students to find their voice and explore the varying levels of their ethnic and cultural identities. 

Balencia Sariah Crosby heads the department The office has many opportunities available for students. Onerogram offered is BIG (Black Intelligent Gentlemen), the mission is to, “improve the long-term trajectories of Black men in the college system.” 

Another option available is the Black Student Union. 

According to the MSU website, BSU’s purpose is, “to promote and sustain an atmosphere that is conducive to the political, cultural, social, spiritual, economic, and educational growth of students of African descent and the University community at large.” 

Asian American Affairs also has its own office available for interested students. The MSU website says the group’s  mission is to, “serve as a voice to promote equal access, opportunity, and cultural diversity for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students” at MSU.”

There are many groups and activities hosted by the office as well, including Asian Students in America.

“The organization is set out to recruit and retain Asian students by promoting, educating, and focusing on Asian and Asian American topics or issues in America,” the website says. “The center also has support services available such as: financial services, academic and social support. Please contact the Center for Asian American Affairs for more details.

The Office of American Indian Affairs is also available for students at MSU. The office is led by Megan Heutmaker.

 “Provide American Indian students of all tribal backgrounds at Minnesota State University with support services during their college careers.”

According to the Office of American Indian Affairs and the MSU website,

“ We also provide support with financial aid, academic and social support.”

The Latinx Office of Student Affairs is also available to students here at MSU. Latinx Affairs is headed by Fabiola Diaz. She can be reached at office also has many resources and groups available to students. According to the MSU website,

“Latinx Affairs works to accommodate the ethnic student population and provide support to help them have a successful academic career at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

In addition, The Office of Latinx Affairs also offers extra support and resources for students attending this University.

According to the MSU website,

“There are two student organizations under the Latinx Affairs Department. Latinx Student Union and Latino Wellness. Through guest speakers, cultural outings, and events. Students, faculty, and staff build an equitable community at MNSU-Get involved!”

Additionally, the Latinx Office of Affairs offers: financial aid support, academic support, and social support any questions please contact Latinix affairs.

In closing MSU is a diverse community filled with people from various and multiple Ethnic backgrounds. The Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs is here to support you.

Header photo: Student affairs oversees actions and activities on campus that involve students. One activity was students in the Multicultural Affairs Center students painted mugs. (Davis Jensen/The Reporter)

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