MSU’s Wind Ensemble leaps toward freedom

Minnesota State University’s Wind Ensemble performed a concert Feb. 29 titled “Leaping Toward Freedom” Conducted by Amy Roisum

The ensemble performed five songs: “Play” by Carl Holmquist, “A Movement for Rosa” by Mark Camphouse, “Islas y Montañas (Parts 2: Volver a la Montaña and 3: Seis Manuel)” by Shelley Hanson, “Arabesque by Samuel R. Hazo, and “O Magnum Mysterium,” which was conducted by one of the students, Takuto Koseki.

Flute player Sky Kempf, who performed  a solo during “A Movement for Rosa,” said, “We started preparing at the beginning of the semester, although we had the Honor Band concert on Jan. 26, so we spent some of our rehearsal time reviewing the songs we were performing at that concert, but Jan. 26 onwards we spent four days a week rehearsing our songs for this concert..”

“I always love performing in front of an audience. It heightens my adrenaline and I get into a zone where all I can think about is the music and how it’s sounding. Concerts are usually a one day thing, so we get one chance to show off what we’ve been working on to our friends and family and there’s something really special in that,” Kempf also said.

MSU provides several music ensemble classes every semester, ranging from the Wind Ensemble in Concert Bands to the Colorguard in the Maverick Machine Athletic Bands. Regardless of major or skill, all students are welcome to apply to join an ensemble, although some may require an audition.

“I 100% would perform in a concert like this again. I’ve been part of Wind Ensemble since sophomore year and always come back the next semester, because I enjoy our rehearsals and concerts so much. We actually have another concert this semester: “Carmina Burana,” which will be a collaboration between the music, theater and dance departments. I’ve never worked with so many people for a concert before, and I’m extremely excited for that,” Kempf said.

To join a music ensemble, simply apply for one in e-services, just as you would for any other class. To see what kind of ensembles are available, go to the music ensembles page on the school website, or contact a teacher who is in charge of the ensemble you’re interested in.

Write to Ellie Meschke at eleanor.meschke@mnsu.edu

Header Photo: Minnesota State’s Wind Ensemble performed “Leaping Toward Freedom” in the Elias J. Halling Recital Hall Feb. 29. The ensemble is composed of 45-50 students. (Courtesy mnsu.edu)

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