Get out and support your school

Within the first few hours of being on campus, college students are encouraged to get involved with a variety of clubs, study hard and most importantly, attend as many events as they can thrown by their school. Whether it’s recreational, artistic or sporting events, it’s important for students to show up and support their school.

Going to as many school events as possible opens students’ eyes to new opportunities. By attending events we wouldn’t normally go to, we can find new hobbies and interests we never would have considered in the first place. A lot of school-related events on campus are free or cost very little. Opportunities to go to sporting events, concerts and plays are harder when we’re working a full-time job and have other responsibilities. Going to school events can also allow us to meet new people who may turn out to be our best friends or even significant other. We should get out of our comfort zones and try something new. 

Getting involved on campus also helps boost school spirit and the sense of community on campus. Plays and concerts are other students showing up to support the talents of their friends and classmates. Sporting events allow students to yell and cheer as a collective student body against the rival schools. It doesn’t matter what major students are, where they came from or what they do in their free time. They’re all there to support what their school has to offer and show off their pride. 

When we take time to get out and do fun activities, it can help benefit ourselves. Attending these events allow us to step away from the stressors of school and enjoy other aspects of campus. Some organizations on campus, such as playing intramural sports, can get us up and moving, giving us much-needed exercise after sitting and studying all day. Doing activities with our friends can boost our energy and mood. We need reminders every now and then that we aren’t just strictly students; we’re allowed to have fun as well. 

The easiest part about supporting your school is there the plethora of clubs, organizations and events suited to fit every student’s interests. If students don’t see anything that pertains to them, they can start their own club. Whether their interests are athletic, academic or getting involved with local organizations, they can join one or several to fit their schedules. All students should be encouraged to join at least one organization as it can open many doors for them. If students don’t want to get involved, going to events that support clubs and organizations on campus can still help them show their Maverick spirit. 

Students are in college for a few short years. Living a lifestyle where we can attend several free events and go to numerous events, games and concerts is something that should be taken advantage of. We should go to as many school-related events as we can while we’re a Maverick. It’s better to go to an event and leave early due to disinterest than to not go and think about what could have happened.  

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