Diversity prepares students for the real world

From the time we enter kindergarten, we are exposed to a variety of different people with different stories. As we get older, we learn more about world cultures and how other societies function in the world. In college, there are several opportunities to interact with students from around the world. We should take advantage of attending as many Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) events as we can as diversity exists beyond our college campus.

A lot can be learned when we think about life outside of our own. The world is full of myriad traditions, languages, and celebrations. Taking the time to learn an aspect of one or two countries can expand our worldview and give us an idea of what it’s like to live there. It gives us an opportunity to learn and go outside of our comfort zones. We could find our new favorite food, genre of music or a new best friend if we choose to learn about cultures outside of our own. 

Diversity opens us up to new perspectives as well. New points of view, knowledge on certain subjects and coming from different backgrounds lets us see the world in a bigger picture. According to betterup.com, diverse perspectives “enable a more comprehensive analysis,” which leads to more informed decisions. This can make tackling problems easier and shared experiences plentiful.

Many school districts around the country are trying to silence diverse voices. Banned books and curriculums regarding race, sexuality and sexism are being taken out of classrooms. This will not help children in the long run. As they get older and experience the world around them, they’ll realize the world is a beautiful place full of countless cultures to discover. 

If we neuter their education by providing them only with materials pre-approved by a fear-driven agenda, they’ll be unprepared for having difficult conversations about hardships people have faced, and the importance of diversity in the workplace. Having exposure to DEI events at a young age establishes the idea that diversity is necessary in the real world, and preventing children from those experiences only prevents them from gaining knowledge. 

In our busy lives, we might not have the time to travel the world and witness cultures unfold before us. However, even sitting down and taking the time to talk with someone unlike ourselves can change the way we see the world. Incorporating those discussions and attending DEI events opens our eyes to how others view the world. 

We are all human and deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect. Diversity is one of the key factors that comes into play and we can all gain a better understanding of each other if we take the time to learn about what makes us unique.

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