Greek Week celebrates with Rock ‘N Roll

Every year, Minnesota States fraternity and sorority members host a week full of campus activities to celebrate the chapter’s year. This year’s Rock ‘N Roll theme goes from Monday to Friday with a new event daily. 

The week showcases the two sides to Greek life- philanthropy and social activities. 

For many in Greek life, Greek Week represents a “mini-homecoming,” a time when fraternities and sororities come together to celebrate their community and engage in friendly competition. The members don’t normally all get to spend time together. It is a chance for them to break out from their usual chapters and meet and bond with others. It is also a time to gain new recruits and show off the fun of Greek life.

The consensus between the members of FSL is that students who are considering giving Greek life a shot, should, “just go for it.”

“There is no harm in trying out Greek life,” Greek Week co-chair and Alpha Chi Omega member Avry Henning said. “You never know who you can meet and what connections you can make through this time in your life. It’s just so rewarding in so many different ways.” 

The week starts off Monday with a free cookout with hotdogs, chips and drink to anyone who joins. Tuesday will feature a canned food drive where all proceeds will go to the Maverick Food Pantry.  

“The most anticipated event every year is by far the boat regatta,” former Sigma Nu President Joe Roeser said. 

The boat regatta takes place in Highland Center’s 25-meter lap pool. All chapters create their own boat made of cardboard and duct tape. Two members from each chapter must row their boat to the finish line. The event tests the ingenuity of each chapter and the willingness to work together. Anyone can attend the event from 7-8 p.m. Wednesday to see if the boats will sink or swim. 

The event’s reigning champion is Phi Kappa Psi. 

“I can’t give away how we won,” Phi Kappa Psi member Jaegar Cossette said. “All I can say is a lot of duct tape was used.” 

The biggest event of the week —the lip sync battle — takes place 6-10 p.m. Thursday in Ostrander Auditorium. The Rock ‘N Roll theme should be a factor during the lip sync battle as each chapter tries their best to recreate their favorite bands and songs. 

Following the lip sync battle, the Greek life members will host an after party at Applebee’s where a percentage of sales will go toward Mavathon, the largest student-run philanthropy event on campus. 

The last event of the week is Friday’s Minute to Win It games. 

All chapters created banners that hang in the CSU. They are supposed to represent this year’s theme and each banner will be judged. 

Throughout the week each chapter will gain points based on their performance at each event. Whichever chapter scores the best throughout the week will earn a winning plaque commemorating their efforts for this year’s Greek Week. 

Greek life is more than just what meets the eye. It brings many opportunities and connections. It is a good resume builder, a way to meet alumni, a chance to build life-long friendships and a place where you can grow within the community as Greek life requires volunteer work. 

“It’s a perfect balance between professional and social life,” Roeser said. “It is like dealing with a little corporation. Each fraternity and sorority has hundreds of connections, whether it’s alumni or friends. Greek life can help us significantly with anything we need, now or in the future.” 

Header photo: Greek life members hosted a cookout for the first day of Greek Week Monday. Free hotdogs, chips and drinks were given out  on campus to celebrate the week ahead. (Davis Jensen/The Reporter)

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