Food, fitness and fun in Preska

A food and fitness expo was held in the Margaret Preska Residence Hall Tuesday that promoted exercise, healthful food and affirmations. 

Those who attended got to play games regarding exercise and health, look at healthy recipes and take plenty of Nutrigrain bars. Attendees were also encouraged to scan a QR code that would take them to a website dedicated to helping people make recipes out of the ingredients they have on hand.

“This event is all about staying healthy,”  Health Education graduate assistant Taylor Ferrazzo said. “We are promoting staying active and eating healthy in a fun, interactive way.” 

Ferrazzo said the event consisted of different activities that relate to food and fitness. That’s how they hope to educate students on different ways to stay healthy. The event included activities where students could learn new stretches, healthy recipes, desk exercises and more.

“This event is a way for students to take a break from all the chaos that occurs at the end of the semester,” Ferrazzo said. “It also helps students learn new ways that food and fitness can decrease stress levels.”

As Ferrazzo said, finals are just around the corner, and it’s crucial that students take care of themselves in the midst of studying and doing homework. According to a study, 31% of stress in students is caused by finals and midterms. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can improve mental health and decrease the risk of mental illness.

“As spring semester wraps up, we are ending the year with inspirational rocks. This is part of our ‘You Rock’ event that occurs at the end of spring semester every year. These rocks are painted and hidden around campus by our Health PROs. These rocks are a fun way to spread positivity and joy around campus. It is also exciting to see where our rocks end up!” Ferrazzo said.

Whether it’s going to the gym or just getting up and walking around, eating less junk food or switching to a new diet entirely, please remember to take care of yourselves during finals week. Your health and wellbeing comes first, no matter the final.

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Header Photo: A food and fitness expo occurred  in Preska Tuesday to promote healthy habits like exercise and eating clean among college students at Minnesota State. (Dylan Long/The Reporter) 

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