Niraula, Jay to lead next year’s student government

Roshit Niraula, the student who took over the vice presidency of Minnesota State’s student government mid-year, won his bid Wednesday to become next year’s student government president.

Niraula was the only candidate for president. He and his running mate, newly elected Vice President Rebekka Jay, ran under the Mavericks United party in Wednesday’s elections. About 1,000 students cast votes —  which amounts to 8% of the student body — and 29 students were elected to senate positions. Two others will be added next week after a runoff.

“I am really glad almost all of Mavericks United candidates won their seats, which means I and the entire team that I’m running with are able to represent and continue on the works that they have been able to do. I’m also excited to meet all the new senators who will be in their positions, all of the new members of the different boards who were in this election this week. Also because we were able to approve of the fee referendum recommendations that student government made,” Niraula said.

Even though Niraula ran unopposed, he said his strategy in running for president was to communicate with different student groups and create awareness about his platform. 

“I was able to communicate and consult with student groups on what their different priorities are in my different positions within student government. I was a senator for CSET in my first year and this year I ran as an off campus senator. I was also in the role of Academic Affairs Coordinator before I came into the position of student body as a vice president and all of these roles helped me learn the different priorities to set for what students want to see for next year,” Niraula said.

One of the goals of the new president next year includes better communication among the entire student body.

“We are looking into workshopping open town halls that I was able to start and continue in my role this year. We’re also looking into having open town halls for student leaders where we’re able to connect with student leaders from FSL ResLife and other different campus groups and organizations and make sure that we get their input and consultation,” Niraula added. “I’m getting some conversations started in terms of diversity, equity inclusion, ensuring that different campus spaces are equitable and accessible to all students.”

Niraula and Jay say this ran together as a team because of the unique strengths and weaknesses that they shared.

“I come from a computer science and STEM background. This includes a lot of different skills in my project-based learning with project management, understanding the deliverable, scoping out the requirements, and getting a lot of projects done. Not to mention the experience of being in student government. Where as Rebekka comes in with experience in political science advocacy, working with different campus groups that I have not been able to interact with as I want to. She knows a lot of different people that I’ve never contacted and she helps amplify the strengths and I think she’ll be an amazing Vice President for student government next year,” Niraula said.

The experience within student government has allowed Niraula to “learn the workings of student government.”

“I’ve also been a MavPass leader and peer mentor, where I have had to step into a leadership position and all of these different roles and responsibilities with communication skills,” Niraula said.

As for Jay, the importance of joining the student government stems from the opportunity of “facilitating positive change throughout the university” and “the opportunity to support Roshit Niraula, whom I look up to greatly.”

“I felt I had some great connections on campus. As well as being an involved student, I had good experience and good network to support Roshit and his initiatives and also work on some of my own,” Jay said.

A major goal for Jay is “Accessibility for All.” This is a place where student government works with all that MNSU serves. 

“This includes increasing our support for professors and faculty in terms of extensive technology, information and training if asked for, having monthly conversations with professors and faculty from a variety of departments and having a way for these people to reach student government with questions and comments. Another goal is to work closely with Student health services to continue to support the work they are doing for our students and find new ways or expand the ways we serve students,” Jay commented.

This position allows Jay to become a “voice for students” regardless of the setting. 

“I get to hear from all sides on a matter and work to find an end solution that benefits everyone in some way,” Jay continued.

Before Jay was given this opportunity, she was involved in various positions.

“I served on the Athletics Fee Committee for the semester as a liaison to student government. This helped me learn about all that goes into committee work, presentations for fees, referendums, budget meetings and continued knowledge on the inner workings of student government,” Jay said.

Header photo: Pictured above is Roshit Niraula who was elected Wednesday to become next year’s student government president. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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