MavWeek Challenge looks to raise money for scholarships

Over the past two years, Minnesota State Athletics has raised more than $245,000 for scholarships. This year, the MavWeek Challenge is set to raise $154,000 to support all 20 MSU teams.

MavWeek Challenge is a yearly effort to raise scholarship money for all teams at MSU. Scholarships help student athletes be successful, and it would not be possible without donors. Over the past two years there have been 2,200 gifts to the various athletic programs at Mankato. All funds raised during the MavWeek Challenge support scholarships of the sport of the donor’s choosing.

“This is an important week for all of our coaches and student-athletes. We have enjoyed an outstanding year, but success like that does not happen without the resources to make it happen,” Director of Athletics Kevin Buisman in a press release. “Scholarships are the lifeblood of the program and allow highly motivated coaches to attract exceptional talent.  The MavWeek Challenge supports that mission.”

Each of MSUY’s 20 coaches has a dedicated post on the MavWeek YouTube channel in which they advocate for their respective sports and explain how donations will support their teams.

“Your gift will go directly to our program and help us continue to build on the success you have come to know and expect,” said women’s basketball Head Coach Emilee Thiesse. 

In a partnership with Maverick Athletics and Minnesota State’s annual giving department, the MavWeek Challenge uses the crowdfunding platform Community Funded to process the gifts. Fans, alumni and supporters of Maverick Athletics can make their donations to the challenge online at msumavericks.com/MavWeek.

Those interested in establishing a matching gift to the MavWeek Challenge can contact Minnesota State Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Scott Nelsen at 507.389.2930 or scott.nelsen@mnsu.edu to get the process started. 

The MavWeek Challenge runs now through the end of the day on Sunday, April 21.

Header Photo: The MavWeek Challenge runs until Sunday, April 21. Fans, alumni and supporters can make donations on the Maverick Athletics website. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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