Andree chosen as 92nd Student Government Speaker

Minnesota State’s newly elected Student Government held its first meeting Wednesday and elected Abbey Andree as the speaker for the 2024-25 academic year.

Andree resigned from her senator role and took the position of speaker after being sworn in. The speaker acts as the unbiased, non-voting member who runs meetings and collects votes. 

Andree ran against Senator Andrew Colleran. Andree said their goals included making a streamlined orientation for new senators and implementing one-on-one discussions with each senator once a semester. 

“My biggest goal is to ensure that every student, both in student government and out, feels involved and heard in these processes,” Andree said.

Earlier this semester, Andree helped pass the resolution to protect Pro-Palestinian voices, in which Andree had to make nearly 20 amendments. Senator Emily Dittrich said Andree remained neutral in passing the resolution. 

“It was something really important to the students who had come to create that resolution and even though there were amendments that needed to be made, she ensured that she was very respectful to the original resolution, as well as what was required of her as a senator,” Dittrich said. 

Upon voting for the new speaker, the election failed to reach 60% of the vote for one of the candidates, causing the senate to return to discussion points. Andree and Colleran were brought back up for questioning where they were asked about what it would mean for them to be given the role of speaker. 

Colleran said he would be “a support system” while Andree said she would “always champion being an unbiased support for everyone involved.” After the senate voted again, Andree received the majority vote. 

Former Student Government President Sierra Roiger acted as a temporary speaker until Andree was elected. 

The student government will reconvene in the fall on the first Wednesday of the academic year.

Header photo: Abbey Andree was sworn in and elected as the Speaker for the 92nd Student Government.  (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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