Best bar: Rounders

Rounders offers an all-around great night out

There are many great bars in the Mankato area, but there are many reasons Rounders Sports Bar & Grill has been selected as the best bar in Mankato this year. This local favorite has something to offer every hour of every day, from breakfast in the morning to late night entertainment.

Opened in 2009, Rounders has grown in popularity among young adults and community members. Well-branded and well staffed, the bar has become one of the most popular downtown hangouts on weekends.

For some, breakfast is an honored tradition, and getting up in the morning might be a little bit easier if there’s a Rounders omelette and 16oz breakfast cocktails for just $2.50 until 1:00 p.m.

Eggs are the special at Rounders, with a fry-up for meat lovers, veggie enthusiasts, breakfast beginners, and brunch champions.

For others, the lunch hour does not allow enough time to drive across town, and a downtown location like Rounders is the perfect place for an afternoon business meeting or quick bite to eat. Some of the unique dishes offered on the menu include a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, Fajita Wrap, Triple Play Grilled Cheese, and Spicy Creole Chicken Penne dish.

But naturally, Rounders would not have been voted the best bar unless it offered a superior nightlife experience. Weekends find a long line in front of Rounders, the bar lined with patrons looking to capitalize on late night happy hour from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., ncluding $2.00 Domestic Bottles, $2.00 Rail Drinks, $2.75 24oz Domestic tap beer, $4.00 jumbo margaritas, and half price appetizers (Wings not included).

Rounders also features one of the largest patio spaces in the downtown triangle, allowing patrons a chance to get some fresh air or have a quieter conversation without having to go through the long process of re-entry on a busy night. The new downtown renovations have allowed better visibility and more space for all downtown visitors, making a safer and more enjoyable experience every night of the week.

Later in the evenings, popular tunes are played over speakers throughout the establishment, and patrons crowd the open areas to dance and enjoy the night. What makes Rounders such a nightlife hotspot is the fact that there is plenty of room to dance—something that some smaller locations cannot offer.

Even during busy evenings, the establishment is well-supervised and clean, promoting the kind of bar environment many people seek out on the weekends.

Rounders offers both booth and high top seating that will suit any outing–from a ladies night out to a special date. Pool tables are located in the side room, which are usually a little more open for those looking for extra elbow room.

Party planners looking for a fun location in Mankato to host a party, dinner, or event should contact Rounders management. The building is suited to a wide variety of events, with a layout that suits large or small groups. Online reservation is available.

For sports enthusiasts, Rounders also ensures that nobody misses out on the latest sporting events—the bar features around 20 hi-def televisions that highlight all professional athletics. Whether you’re a passionate fan or just looking to kick back on game day, Rounders offers great happy hour deals throughout the week and into the weekend.

A full breakfast and lunch menu, as well as full list of daily specials are available at www.roundersbar.com.

Photo: (Trevor Cokley/The Reporter)

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