Best pizza: Pagliai’s

Pagliai’s once again the destination for pizza lovers

Congratulations to Pagliai’s Pizza for winning Best of Mankato’s Best Pizza category for the fifth year in a row! For over 40 years, Pagliai’s Pizza has been providing quality pizzas and other menu items to the Greater Mankato community. With a wide range of pizzas, sandwiches, and other items, Pagliai’s is the place to be for gourmet pizza and scrumptious Italian cuisine.

Started in 1969 in downtown Mankato, Pagliai’s Pizza is one of the area’s oldest and most renowned restaurants. With their astoundingly large number of toppings and pizzas, Pagliai’s has something for everyone. Their toppings alone cover a wide range of flavors, including the classic sausage, pepperoni, ham, and salami, to something a little more out there like pineapple, sauerkraut, shrimp, and jalapeno peppers. Pagliai’s substantial list of choices simply can’t be beat.

If you’re looking for something a little different from the more classical offerings, try one of Pagliai’s gourmet specialty pizzas. From the Philly steak, super queso, and BLT, to the Santa Fe chicken, chicken alfredo, and bacon cheeseburger, Pagliai’s large specialty pizza selection is guaranteed to satisfy almost any craving you can think of.

Not hungry for pizza? Pagliai’s also offers a wide selection of sandwiches and side dishes. Some of Pagliai’s Poorboy sandwich offerings include BBQ chicken/steak, buffalo chicken, hot Italian, Philly steak, and even a vegetarian option. Other items on Pagliai’s menu include garlic bread with cheese (and even Canadian bacon), a Chef’s salad, a dinner salad, and a full spaghetti dinner, complete with a dinner salad and a side of their delicious garlic bread.

Pagliai’s beverage menu also caters to wide range of tastes, including restaurant staples such as a fountain pop, milk, coffee, and hot cocoa, as well as different types of beer available in a glass, bottle, or pitcher. They even offer a handful of wine options, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Moscato, and others. Whether you come for the pizza, the sandwiches, or the side options, Pagliai’s is certain to satisfy any craving you have for great Italian cuisine.

Photo: (Trevor Cokley/The Reporter)

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