Best sub shop: Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s keeps on serving up the best subs in town

Every city needs a great sub shop—Mankato has two. The Jersey Mike’s franchise has been serving up deluxe sandwiches since the 1950s, highlighting a passion for fresh ingredients and friendly service. Walk into either of the Mankato establishments and you will be greeted by some of the best employees around as you’re offered an impressive menu of classic subs and new ideas.

The sandwich menu includes hot and cold subs, wraps, kids meals, and “Sub Tubs,” for those who are searching for a salad with a little attitude. The Chipotle Cheese Steak will be sure to warm you up during these cold winter months, and the Club Supreme is a deluxe take on the sandwich classic.

Another twist is a little more selection on the size of your meal, patrons can choose between a 5” mini, a 7” regular, and a 14”-15” giant. The regular is the perfect size to split or solve a big appetite, while a giant may end up being your lunch, dinner, and breakfast!

You won’t see these sandwiches on every menu, and you won’t see a cooler full of fresh ingredients cut just for your order almost anywhere. You will be asked if you want your sandwich “Mike’s Way,” which means “onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar and spices; the founders of the company claim that it “is what differentiates Jersey Mike’s from the others.” Jersey Mike’s takes quality very seriously, and each sandwich is made with care by the staff at each location. A testament to this is that a full nutritional guide, food allergy and sensitivity document, and ingredient list are all available on the Jersey Mike’s website.

Always a bright, well lit restaurant, Jersey Mike’s has a décor all its own. Throwing back to the days of the Beach Boys, wood-side automobiles, and the surfing craze, it’s not uncommon for a surfboard or road map of America to grace the walls. But along with a cheerful interior, one of the best things about Jersey Mike’s is the friendliness of the staff. Employees are such fun to chat with while the ingredients for your sandwich are being sliced and prepared. Caution is taken to be sure that your order is exactly the way you’d like it to be.

Unlike many sandwich shops, Jersey Mike’s actually offers merchandise that customers may purchase online. There are some of us who love these subs so much we might just need to pick up a travel mug, sub cooler, or set of temporary tattoos (seriously!).

Jersey Mike’s is located on Adams Street and Riverfront Drive in Mankato and are open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Photo: (Trevor Cokley/The Reporter)

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