A guide to attending summer music festivals

One student offers a few tips for music festival-goers

Summer is a season for letting loose and enjoying time with your friends. Since the age of 16, I have been spending the summers with my friends at music festivals. Living in the Midwest makes this easy because there are so many options to choose from. There are a number of festivals that offer a wide variety of genres to enjoy. From electronic dance music (EDM), to country, to indie, there is no shortage of live music to immerse yourself in.

Former student of MNSU, Mikael Lund, spoke about his experience at music festivals. “Life experience, and social networking” are both things that you gain from going to festivals said Lund.

Lund and I went to our first festival in Somerset, Wis. in 2013. Another great thing that you gain is the chance to experience new genres of music along with new artists. Festivals usually pack a wide variety of artists in three to four days. Though you may not have ever heard of the artist, you might leave the weekend with a new favorite that you are excited to hear more about.

Festivals are a new experience for even the most seasoned concertgoers. It gives you the chance to experience camping and communal living along with live music. There are some essentials that any festivalgoer needs to keep in mind. The first is water. While many college students may think that it is beer, this is the most essential mistake you can make. Festival season runs through the summer, so it is hot. Stay hydrated in order to have a great experience!

Lund helps to break down some other necessities for those that want to go to a festival this summer. Comfortable walking shoes are a must because you are on your feet all weekend long.

“Hey, forget your style, no one cares what your shoes look like when they are covered in dirt and mud, so be comfortable, and keep your feet nice and happy,” said Lund.

Another thing that you should bring is, ”something strange or goofy that can identify your group, such as a tapestry, totem pole (large pole with something onto such as a flag or an object that identifies you), or matching costumes/shirts,” said Lund.

These items help lost group members find you or to bond with other groups that have the same sort of idea. Sunscreen is an obvious thing to bring so that you don’t get sunburned. Take it from personal experience; if you burn on the first day, the next two don’t feel any better.

Check your local area for festivals that are going on. Lineups always have highlights and to make your experience amazing, try to give the lowlights a chance. You may be surprised with what they can do on stage. Live music is always better than what you hear on YouTube or SoundCloud. Music festivals offer a chance to see music live and experience it with your friends. No matter what festival you choose to attend this summer, have a great time and dance on.

Photo: (Ryan Neil/The Reporter)

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